Wednesday, January 23, 2019

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Week 41

This week's block is brought to you courtesy of Me And My Sister.  You can find the instructions HERE 

Like quite a bit of the country, we got snow this weekend. And frigid temperatures too.  Sadly, today we are getting rain.  Maybe I'm in the minority, but I'd rather have snow than mud.

There are lots of creative vibes happening here, but you can't see quite yet.  Actually you probably wouldn't want to see quite yet as it's just bin, after overturned bin, of fabric being shifted around the studio. Creating is messy.

Hibernating with some relaxing hand stitching seems to be of the moment right now.  Our Somerset Patchwork/patterns/templates have been selling like proverbial hotcakes.  We are now restocked and have them in our Etsy shop.

 We also have some helpful notions for hand piecing - these are especially nice for long winter evenings....
We also have these new patterns back from the printer..... Tapestry quilt patterns



Tuesday, January 15, 2019

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Week 40

It's week 40 people! we have quite a pile of blocks with only a few more to go!  This week's block is courtesy of Lynne of Kansas Troubles. You can find the directions HERE.  This little cutie finishes at 6" square.

What else has been going on here? Well, I've been working on new patterns (more to be revealed) and getting out an older long term project. This is Somerset Patchworks Hexagon Star A Day.  It's perfect hand work for winter evenings watching new episodes of VeraWe have the pattern in our Etsy shop. 

We also have this new pattern in our Etsy shop - Tapestry. It was inspired by a fragment from an antique kilim rug. This pattern uses Jelly Roll™ strips - or we used Bella Solid yardage and cut our own strips. 

We also have KITS!!



Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Blockheads 2 - Week 39

We are at week 39 - and this big girl block is brought to you by Corey Yoder. You can find the directions HERE.  At 24" square she takes up some acreage. It was a delight to make and I'm starting to get antsy, wanting to sew all my blocks together.  None of that yet, as we still have a few more weeks to show individual blocks.

What else is going on around here? I have no pictures to show you from the past week. Ironically, it's not because my iPhone isn't working.  Everything else has gone t*** up though. (that bawdy slang is courtesy of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - our holiday binge watch. It's grand!)

I believe there may be some disturbance in the Force.  My "to-do" list is mostly caught up. I have done my tax paperwork and inventory.  I decided to try some new recipes this week. 3 to be exact. All major fails.  Major. I won't even go into it, except to say, Bill has been looking at me side-eye thinking I have lost my culinary mo-jo.

That is not all. Some disheartening mechanical failures have happened too. 3 phone charger cords have broken. I even bought a wireless charger and it only works sporadically.  My new and expensive iron/steam station died. The only good thing I can say about that is I am experiencing above and beyond customer service. I will report on the finished repairs when they happen. Oh, and a 2 month old (and expensive) lamp died yesterday. Mysterious and unsettling. Do I need to make some sort of sacrifice to a mechanical spirit?  Burn something in effigy? Do I need to apologize to some tech genie?

Hope you all are experiencing a no-fail January.



Wednesday, January 2, 2019

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Week 38

 This week's block is brought to you by Lisa Bongean. You can find her instructions HERE.

Things here are unexciting, but productive. The Christmas tree is down and put away for another year and I'm knee deep in paper work getting the taxes ready for the CPA.  Inventory is next. Whoo-hoo!

Gibby rang in the New Year with his new toy - a hedge hog who grunts when you squeeze him.  That made him happy, even though he doesn't look it in this picture.

I did finish my red and white Indigo Revival quilt. 

You can see the quilting stitches here a bit better.  I answered lots of questions regarding the quilting of this on Instagram. I used thicker thread (aurifil 12 weight) and a longer needle (John James darning needle) and those 2 things pre-dispose it to big stitch quilting.  Same mechanics as traditional hand quilting, but with the bigger equipment comes bigger stitches.  I marked 2 big curvy lines on the quilt top and quilted them, then echo quilted away from these lines, by eye (no more marking). It was easy and quick and I liked the natural, organic lines on the top.

I tried a new binding.  No binding! I just turned under the front and back edges and continued with a running/quilting stitch.  I like the look.  Granted, it probably isn't as sturdy as a traditional binding, but I don't expect this quilt to get a lot of wear.  And, if I ever need to have a sturdier binding, I can sew the binding on right over the already turned edges.

Happy New Year Everyone!



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