Tuesday, September 11, 2018

BLOCKHEADS 2 Blocks 16 & 17 & 18

We are moving right along and we have THREE blocks today. 
This is before they got a haircut. Just trying to keep it real here in TreeTown. The patterns can be found from Carrie - HERE , Vanessa HERE and from Brigitte HERE

Now.... there is just a big pile of blocks so far.  I can't get them all in on design wall. They fit, but I have to stand pretty far away to get them all in.  So - here is a big mess'o blocks......
Have I told you my RULE for this BLOCKHEADS2 quilt? My rule is that I can't cut into yardage.  Everything is made from my scrap bins.  Actually that's a rule for just about every personal quilt I make.  There's 2 reasons for that: 1, it's more fun and 2, it's a daily battle to control the scrap bins. But, as you can see.... the bins are so well stocked that a controlled pallete isn't hard to find.  My quilt - my rules. 

Where are the Bella Solid blocks you ask?? Well, I'm getting a bit crunched for time on some other projects - so I'm just focusing on one for the moment. What was I THINKING, anyway?

What else is going on?? I've gotten emails from UPS that lots of Portsmouth fabric will be landing tomorrow.  I'll spend the rest of the week cutting up fabric. Rotary blades are at the ready!

Some of that cut fabric will make it into a couple of kits - 
Sweet William and Hurrah! are in our Etsy shop.  You can find the kits HERE and HERE.



Wednesday, September 5, 2018

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Week 14

We're getting into that prime quilting season here.  Longer and cooler days are starting and once I get all my current projects caught up........ planning NEW ones!  What is better than that?

 This block is courtesy of Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles.  Here is the Bella Solid block

 Here is the Minick and Simpson block - with a Lecien Durhan fabric thrown in for good measure.  Hey, it worked.

Here are the blocks so far.  I have to get busy on the next ones, or I'll be behind.

OY! I should have known I would forget something. I posted this before I had my coffee. This week we have TWO blocks - this one is from Me and My Sister.....

I have heard from someone who knows - that Portsmouth will be shipping very soon.  That means it will be in your favorite shop shortly.  I hope to have a couple kits up in our Etsy shop shortly too.

Sweet William

For all you "local" people.  Just a heads up that I will be at Hearts To Holly in Charlevoix Michigan on September 28th and 29th doing a trunk show and teaching Big Stitch quilting.  Contact Hearts to Holly if you are interested.



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