Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Are you all keeping up? The last couple of weeks have been easier.  This week is applique (don't fret - applique is awesome)  This applique block is courtesy of the expert appliquer - Jan Patek.  You can find the directions HERE.

This is my pineapple block using Minick and Simpson fabrics.

Here it is using Bella Solids.  Notice the different number of pineapple markings on it.  Applique is custom-made that way.  Also notice that one pineapple body is upside-down. Uh, whooops. Embrace the individuality!

 Here are all the Bella Solid blocks together - so far - it's getting interesting, isn't it.

These are the Minick and Simpson blocks.

What else is going on?  Well, we had our annual traffic disrupter here in Ann Arbor - the Ann Arbor Art Fair.  Weather cooperated this year. That's unusual.  I took this picture 1 hour before it all started last Thursday.  I like to go to the Art Fair on the morning of the first day - before the real congestion starts.  We were back home that afternoon all refreshed and inspired by the amazing artists.  This picture is kind of a joke - it looks like the Art Fair is cozy and small - it is not.  Hundreds and hundreds of booths, miles and miles to walk, and hundreds of thousands cars trying to find their way there.  
 In more personal news - we have 99's back in stock.  If you are not familiar (and why would you be - since I made up this pre-cut myself....) it's 99 different Minick and Simpson fabrics - each 9" x 9". They are perfect for scrap quilts - EPP quilts, applique, hand piecing, you name it.

These are all the fabrics in this 99... You can find them HERE.




Unknown said...

Love the Minick and Simpson blocks !!

unknown said...

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