Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Farmhouse Reds

 It's not everyday you get a staged/halfway decent photo from me and my quickly failing iphone.  Today's the day!  The light was right and the scenery almost perfect.   Nothing like red and white quilts on a cold, snowy day.  Perfect for winter and an upcoming holiday.

I got some emails yesterday that Farmhouse Reds are shipped and on the way to me and to your local quilt shop.  My boxes will land on Thursday morning and that means some kits can be out to you as soon as Friday.  There will be limited kits.  It looks like it will be impossible to re-order :(.    But - I do plan on having a few of each of these kits.   This first one is called Mrs. Rose's Best and I love it's stunning, yet simple geometry.  You can find the kits HERE.

This is my On The Plus Side made with Minick and Simpson red and cream scraps.  Your kit will be all Farmhouse Red fabrics and you can find the kit HERE.

 This happy little wall quilt or table topper is called Good Morning is has easily pieced blocks and redwork.  You can find it HERE.

Last, but not least is Bird Hills Lane.  I don't have the quilt right now as it is touring the continent :) - but I have a photo from this summer.
This was so much fun to make - a snappy little checkerboard and lots of over-the-top applique.  It's on the small side - so a very doable project. You can find it HERE.

Keep warm everyone (and keep cool those of you down under). 




Yvonne said...

So pretty! Never did a red and white quilt but I think I will soon!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Wow! They are all lovely!! <3

Judy said...

Absolutely beautiful! Really like the Good Morning one!

Phyllis said...

Beautiful! Mrs. Rose's Best is striking, wow, but as a lover of quilts with many different fabrics I love On the plus side :-)

sue bennett said...

I just love these reds. Amazing.

Unknown said...

Love dogs ! My Tess was just 12 yrs young last Saturday. She is a Cavadoodle. Her mom is a Cavalier King Charles and her dad is a poodle. She weighs 18 lbs. and is the color of an Irish Setter ! her size wouldn't fit Gibbey's shoes! I am loving small quilts. It makes me feel like I can accomplish something in a short time. Anxious to put them on my blank walls and voila! My kind of decorating ! Would love to have this book. Thank you ! Pam

cocoya said...

Hope you have a wonderful time in Texas! Love your Scrappy Stars quilt it's so pretty:-)

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