Saturday, April 21, 2018

Portsmouth Jelly Roll Winner!

The winner of the Portsmouth Jelly Roll™ is Vicky

I will get this right out to you Vicky!!

Thank you everyone



Tuesday, April 17, 2018


I received my sample fabric of Portsmouth a couple of weeks ago.  It is now being shown to shop owners all over the world by the Moda Fabric salesforce.  What this means, is that in September it will be in shops for you!

I auditioned lots of pieces with denims, chambrays, and this black cross weave from Moda fabrics.  All work beautifully with Portsmouth.  You'll be seeing a quilt with this cross weave soon.

 In 14 evenings I hand quilted Hurrah!  It's one of my favorites.  Simple, modern, classic Americana.

 Yes, it's the middle of April.  Really.  The pattern can be found HERE

This is Sweet William. Half triangle squares - and strips...... what could be more fun.  You can find the pattern HERE 

We hope you like it as much as we do.  Comment here before midnight Friday April  20th and you could win a Portsmouth Jelly Roll!



Sunday, March 11, 2018

Our Own Special Pre-Cut

There are a few people out there like me - the ones that like LOTS of different fabrics in their quilts.  I've made quite a few scrap quilts here that I've shown you.  I have lots of scraps because I cut into lots of yardage during the year.  It's all good.

I also know quite a few of you have purchased the Star A Day pattern from me, the Hexagon Star A Day pattern, the Mrs. Billings Coverlet, and the Rowdy Flat Library quilt pattern.  What all of these need is many, many fabrics.
Let us introduce our new pre-cut (cut by yours truly) - the 99!

Each bundle consists of 99 different Minick and Simpson fabrics by Moda Fabrics.  Each piece measures 9" x 9".  The perfect size for English Paper Piecing, hand piecing, or any scraptastic project you might have in mind.... You can find the 99's and these patterns in our Etsy Shop.

Have you seen this book by Lissa Alexander?! IT'S GREAT! Wonderful quilts made with Moda Fabrics! More inspiration to use up your scraps.  You know why it's great to use your scraps? First of all, you like the fabrics - you've already used them at least once. Second, if you use all your scraps - you can buy more fabric.  Win/win.

After I cut all those 99's..... I had scraps left. Obviously.  I packaged up those scraps into gift bags.  If you purchase any kit from our KIT section in our Etsy shop - a scrap bag will be included for free.



Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Mini-Charm Book Winners!

Thank you everyone!  Sorry for the delay, my Mac was in the shop, but we're good to go now.

The winners are

Karen N

Dahja Jan

Yorkie Mom

Email me at and I'll get your books and charms out to you.



Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Mini-Charm Quilts Blog Hop

It's time for another Moda All-Star book - this one uses those adorable Mini-Charms we all love so much.  We love them, but what exactly can we do with them. Now you know!  You can mix them up, and add yardage to make small quilts or doll quilts.  You can mix them up and keep adding to them to make a bed size quilt.  You can even take 1 Mini-Charm pack and make a English Paper Pieced pincushion.....

That's what I did! I used 1 Mini-Charm of Snowfall (and nothing else) and made this.  Are quilts more to your liking?

Or even a quilt that you can play games on!  

This book will give you lots of options.  It will also do some good.  All proceeds will go to LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs. 

Tell us how you feel about Mini-Charms, or about small quilts, or pincushions, or dogs, and leave a comment here before midnight March 4th.  I will pick out 3 winners of books and charms!



Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Farmhouse Reds

 It's not everyday you get a staged/halfway decent photo from me and my quickly failing iphone.  Today's the day!  The light was right and the scenery almost perfect.   Nothing like red and white quilts on a cold, snowy day.  Perfect for winter and an upcoming holiday.

I got some emails yesterday that Farmhouse Reds are shipped and on the way to me and to your local quilt shop.  My boxes will land on Thursday morning and that means some kits can be out to you as soon as Friday.  There will be limited kits.  It looks like it will be impossible to re-order :(.    But - I do plan on having a few of each of these kits.   This first one is called Mrs. Rose's Best and I love it's stunning, yet simple geometry.  You can find the kits HERE.

This is my On The Plus Side made with Minick and Simpson red and cream scraps.  Your kit will be all Farmhouse Red fabrics and you can find the kit HERE.

 This happy little wall quilt or table topper is called Good Morning is has easily pieced blocks and redwork.  You can find it HERE.

Last, but not least is Bird Hills Lane.  I don't have the quilt right now as it is touring the continent :) - but I have a photo from this summer.
This was so much fun to make - a snappy little checkerboard and lots of over-the-top applique.  It's on the small side - so a very doable project. You can find it HERE.

Keep warm everyone (and keep cool those of you down under). 



Saturday, January 20, 2018


Are you hibernating like me?  Because of the weather? Because you are feeling under the weather?
(I hope you're feeling great).  This time of year emphasizes my natural inclination to snuggle in and do hand work.  If it's by a roaring fire - all the better.  I will have to get by with Netflix and Acorn tv.

If you follow me on Instagram you saw that one on my long running projects (there are several, of course) was finished up recently.  The Rowdy Flat Library Quilt designed by Susan Smith.

It was great fun to work in a completely different color palette.  Picking up Fat Quarters over a year of traveling was inspirational in itself. I always get inspired in quilt shops. If you would like to take this journey - we now have the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt pattern in our Etsy store.

Of course, when one journey ends, another begins.  A whole new attempt to whittle down my Minick and Simpson scraps started this week - the Hexagon Star A Day quilt by Somerset Patchwork.

We also have this pattern in stock too.  

And this is another in-process quilt...... Thimbleblossoms Scrappy Stars quilt. You can get this pattern directly from Thimbleblossoms or your local quilt shop.  This was made entirely from my scrap bin. You'd think it would be depleted, but you would be wrong.

We're off to Texas in a few days where I hear it's a bit warmer.  Right now I'm trying to strategize how to sterilize the entire airport and airplane before I travel. I'm feeling pretty good right now and I'd like to keep it that way.

When I get back, I'll show you quilts I made that I actually designed :)   

The Farmhouse Red fabrics will be in stores soon and I'll show you what I made with them.



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