Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day and More

 In honor of Memorial Day I put some of my flag quilts out on the line to photograph.  This isn't all of them, but it's what I could get my hands on today.  This is Victory Girls - a Baltimore Album folk style quilt in honor of American women during World War II.
This is Pieceful Journey and is featured in our Quilts and Rugs book. It is a huge Americana Christmas extravaganza.

This is Liberty Road which is an homage to a similar quilt in the V & A  of Union Jacks made up in Liberty of London florals. Mine has Minick and Simpson florals and a folky American flag.
This quilt is out on a trunk show - but it is my newest flag pattern - Four Flags.  Give a thanks to those who serve and enjoy your holiday.

I have also added some mini fat quarter bundles in our Etsy shop of Snowfall.  (we even have 2 Lake Effect kits left if you need a great summer travel/handwork project).  We had some yardage listed too.

Another one of my favorite flag quilts is going on an adventure.  SpazzyCat is doing a Quilt A-Long to make the Spirit of Sacagawea.  You can get more info on his blog post today.  If you need the Spirit of Sacagawea book - we are offering it at 30% off if you use the coupon code SPIRIT when you place your order.  I can't wait to see what you all will do with this quilt.




Unknown said...

Hi Laurie. What a fabulous display! Just when I think you have gone over the top with a fabric collection you & Polly give us another one! I would like to ask what type/brand of batting do you use with your quilts especially when hand quilting? I do appreciate all of your direction. Thank you!

Laurie said...


Thank you. I have used several battings, but lately I have used Quilters Dream Batting. I like the 100% cotton in either the select weight or request weight. Those are their thinnest battings. I have also used Hobbs heirloom cotton and Hobbs wool batting. All can be hand quilted easily.

SADLOVE said...

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