Thursday, November 17, 2016

Inventory Update

 Now that we are back from Houston and settling in..... some of our purchases are here.  We have these great  See Your Stuff bags.  4 nested clear bags to store all your projects and sewing notions.  It makes hand work at home or on the road very easy and keeps things neat.  They are in our Etsy shop HERE.

The Star A Day pattern is also back in stock.  You can find them HERE

I expect to have this pattern........

And this pattern... in our store in a few days.  There will also be the papers and templates to make Lake Effect.  You can see my Lake Effect above.  It looks a little lumpy because some of the papers still needed to be taken out.  I hope to show it to you all quilted very, very soon.




Yvonne said...

That 'A star A day' pattern is still waiting here....So many project on my bucket list. I am now quilting my Dear Jane made with Moda Grand Park fabrics by hand. A slow but rewarding project!

Pdudgeon said...

looking forward to your re-stocking, and the new additions!
"Patrick's Patchwork" is a must-have for me. and i am also intreagued by the elongated hexagons, so an order for the papers is also on my "gotta have" list.

those zippered see-through bags would definitely be a very handy thing to have for traveling patchwork, embroidery, or even knitting! Soo many uses that they would come in handy for. Thinking of moms with little ones as well. those would probably be great for holding small toys to keep kids amused in the car.

well done once again, ladies!

moosecraft said...

Love those See Your Stuff totes! I'll be waiting for April to purchase the Lake Effect stuff... I think a large part of the reason I like the quilt is the soft look of the Snowfall fabrics. Just simply the perfect combo!

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