Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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We've had a bit of drama here.....
That is mail burning. Probably some of mine.  Whoops.  Hope the electric company doesn't turn off the power because the bill is late.

We had some fun....
Gibby had oodles of fun meeting and playing with his French cousins - William, Sophie, and Julia.

I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row because this weekend I will start cutting, and shipping the Portage Lake BOM!  Yep, all you anxious people won't have too long to wait!

We've just had 1 cancellation - so if you want to get in.......... let me know.  I have room for 1 more.


The new patterns for Cotton Works have landed too so they are in stock ready to ship

And in other news, for those people of Illinois and Wisconsin - I will be at Patched Works in Elm Grove Wisconsin on August 6th for several trunks shows!  Whee!  It's a great reason to ride the fast ferry across Lake Michigan as the shop is quite close to the dock.  Zooming across Lake Michigan in August - to visit quilters - sounds dreamy




Hildy said...

Hope there were just bills in the mail truck and nothing important like fabrics;-)

cheryl warstler said...

yes, burn the bills, not the fabric. Also, Portage Lake - wahoo!!!! can't wait.

45th Parallel Quilter said...

Can't even imagine the extended problems from the burning mail truck ... UGH!! Happy to hear Portage Lake is heading out ... looking forward to this BOM ... love ALL your fabrics! Will you be at AQS in Grand Rapids this year?? Linda

Barb Walsh said...


How do you find out about your Block of the Months. I never seem to see them offered when I check with your different sites.



Laurie said...

@ Barb Walsh

OUR offer of the Portage Lake Block of the Month is closed. Many other shops are offering it. I just googled it and 5 different shops came up in the first page. You should still be able to get in.


Unfortunately, I won't be at AQS in Grand Rapids this year.



45th Parallel Quilter said...

Received my first Portage Lake BOM yesterday ... EXCITED!! Linda

farmhousequilter8 said...

Wondering what you have been up to. Paula in KY

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