Saturday, March 19, 2016

Worldwide Quilting Day

We hope you are able to take a few stitches today to celebrate Worldwide Quilting Day!!

I even tried some garment sewing on St. Patrick's Day - green of course. That's Moda's Mochi Dot Linen in particular.  Don't expect me to be wearing it any time soon.  No fault of the fabric.

In the midst of secret sewing, garment sewing, and such - I try to get in a little hand sewing every evening.  It's starting to add up.  You can see that I have 4 of the 9 sections finished in my Star A Day quilt.

Our wishes for a Happy Worldwide Quilting Day isn't just an empty gesture - NO!  We back it up!  Today and tomorrow, in honor of the holiday - our Polly's Stars and Stripes quilt kit is 25% off.

Just use the code - POLLY25 in the coupon code in our Etsy store.




Mary said...

Love your stars and I admire you for this one a lot. I am doing 4 1/2 inch finished LeMoynes for a Jo Morton cLub project right now and boy are they tedious! I look at all of yours in amazement!!!! It is just beautiful.


Susan W said...

The stars are shining brightly! Happy Quilting Day and am happy that I've completed sewing Austin Bluebird Sampler. Now to quilt it. fun

Yvonne said...

We spend Worldwide quilting day with a Dear Jane day. This week I finished my DJ top, all hand pieced with Grant Park fabrics.

Laurie said...


Wow! It's beautiful! That is my favorite use of Grant Park fabrics ever!


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