Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Scrap Bin Advocate

I believe we're getting some Miss Scarlet delivered today.  It won't be showing up in our Etsy store for another week - unfortunately.

We are winging our way to someplace warm tomorrow at 6am.   If you place any orders in our shop between now and the rest of the week - they won't be shipped until March 12th.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have you succumbed to the Splendid Sampler?

I managed to squeeze in some blocks yesterday.  I want to get some more done, but packing awaits me.

I'll appliqué this heart while on vacation.

No yardage will be purchased for this project.  It's all being worked from my scrap bins.  Believe me, that's hardly a handicap.  I can make all my quilts for the rest of my existence from my scrap bin.  That said - I bet I come home from vacation with some fabric goodies.

P.S.  I did list one kit in our Etsy store - the Polly's Stars and Stripes kit.  Just know it will not ship until March 12th.  Thanks!




Hildy said...

Love your Splendid blocks. Have a fun time and a great trip!

Cathy said...

It's not really a vacation unless you buy some fabric! Of course you will bring some home.

Sharon said...

Slightly jealous of you escaping this cold snowy-ness....
Loving youe scrappy blocks!

Miss Jean said...

I just love Miss Scarlet. What are your recommendations to prevent the red from running into the white?

the girlfriend gap said...

Splendid sampler twitches occurring at the moment after seeing your lovelies. I Want to join but just can't seem to decide on what fabric to use. Enjoy your time away. My Miss Scarlet package arrived safely to day. Thank you so much! Janita

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