Saturday, March 12, 2016

Back Home

Bill and I are back home after an 8 day get-away.  Yes! EIGHT days.  Believe me, that's a long time away for Mr. Bill.

We visited the Riverwalk in San Antonio....And headed over to La Grange to see the Texas Quilt Museum

We visited family and friends.  A little trip to the Moda Fabric warehouse was squeezed in too!

This is Miss Scarlet!

We are glad to be back and I'm getting into work mode.  Lots and lots of Miss Scarlet was delivered when I was away.  We now have Polly's Stars and Stripes  kit in the Etsy store....

We have kits for Fitzgerald

For anyone who has purchased the Patty's Posies pattern already - we have a correction to the background cutting directions.  We apologize.  Here is the corrected page and a new back cover page (we added a 1/4 yard extra background).  Any patterns that go out from now on will have the correction.

Here is the corrected back cover....
Here are the corrected background cutting directions.


Thanks everyone!




Janet said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip :0) Just love that Patties Posies!

farmhousequilter8 said...

Received my Miss Scarlet packs last week, love them. Paula in KY

terry said...

Wonderful patterns and perfect for Miss Scarlett. While I have your ear, (could not find your email address to ask privately) was wondering how you like your Juki 2010. I'm seriously thinking of purchasing one and would appreciate an experienced quilter's feedback. From what I've read on Amazon, the only negative I could find was about the needle threader. Currently, I have several Berninas, but find that I don't need and rarely use fancy stitches. What I do want is a sturdy straight stitcher. Thank you for any comment you care to make.


Laurie said...


I can't get your email from your blogger history either - so here's my answer. I love it. The machine I had before was a Featherweight (simple, straight stitch). This is like that - only on steroids. It has a great needle up/down feature, an easy backstitch button, thread cutter, and knee thingy for raising the foot. It sews straight like the wind. I couldn't get the automatic threader to work for me either. I just don't use it. I thread it the old fashioned way. I have watched the threading video many times, but it isn't to be.....

Once I found a seam guide I liked to measure the 1/4" seam allowance.... it's all good. I can chain piece lightening fast. One of the best purchases I have ever made.


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