Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WIP Wednesday

It's Work In Progress Wednesday.  Oooh, I'm a little late as most of Wednesday is gone, but here is what I'm stitching on tonight.
The vine is stitched down as are the big flowers.  The leaves and circles are basted and that's what I'll be working on tonight.  This is the large appliqué block of Month 7 of the Austin Bluebird Sampler - in blues.

What else is going on amid all the chaos of remodeling and such?  Not much.  There isn't really time for anything else.

Except... This reminder to come back here the morning of June14th - Flag Day - for the 1st day of our American Summer Sale. 




Jacqueline said...

Your block is beautiful.

obat kuat pria said...
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Sue Johnson said...

I'm loving your blue version of Austin Bluebird. I'm doing the original version and I just finished the sixth month blocks and am going to put the first half of the quilt together tonight. I had a heck of a time with the buds on the flowers in the appliqué on month six, but they are done and will pass if you don't look too closely. Am doing mine all by hand, so having to convert the sizes on the pieced blocks from the instructions.

Unknown said...

Happy 20th Anniversary! And your husband remembered - you got a good one! Not only that, but you've been able to spend your morning doing what you love - completing another Austin Bluebird section. All in all, a great day! Thank you for a chance to win a copy of your lovely pattern.

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