Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New York

I'm just a bit late for this Flag Day picture, but here it is.  I was actually in New York on flag day.  The city was beautiful.  I was in town to do a lecture trunk show and a class for the Empire Quilt Guild.

I had a great time and any time I can get to New York is ok by me.  Polly met me for 1 day and we did a bit of shopping and walking.  What do 2 ladies who wake up very early do in the city?  Well, they go to Soho and stand in line for a Cronut.  
What is a Cronut? Well, it's a fantastic combination of puff pastry (croissant) cut into a doughnut shape, then deep fried and rolled in sugar.  Oh, and then they add pastry cream inside with a bit of strawberry jam.  Was it good? Oh yes. Would I wait in line every morning for one? Probably not, but I sure would one time.  This was the tiny little bakery that sells out of these wondrous things about an hour after they open up at 8am.  There is also a 2 Cronut limit.  Yeah, there is a bit of a black market of Cronuts in  the Big Apple.
Oh, and there were several hundred people in front of us when we got there about 7:30.  They only accommodated about 30 or 40 people behind us in line before they were sold out for the day.  Do not despair.  They have other "special" things they make.  We bought some madeleines also to take with us back to the hotel.  Fabulous.

What else? Well, friends, food, and walking, - and sweet talking cab drivers into taking me 4 blocks with 3 huge suitcases.  You see, if a cabbie sees you with 3 suitcases he assumes you need a ride to the airport.  The suitcases were filled with quilts for the trunk show. Some of those fellas are less than hospitable when they know the fare will be small.  Hey, I'm a  big tipper and I let them know!

After my class I treated myself to one of my more fanciful obsessions - the Japanese bookstore.
Shelf after shelf of Japanese quilt books.  All beautiful. All inspiring. And all unintelligible (to me).  But I can follow the wonderful graphics and I don't have to read a word of Japanese.  This place is right across the street from Bryant Park in the Garment District and it is called Kinokuniya Books.

There was a delivery here in Ann Arbor while I was out of town.  Remember when I said we would be carrying hand quilting tools….. well the hoops are here….

I found this hoop at International Quilt Market and boy, was I happy to find it.  This is not the hoop you see at chain stores. I have never even seen it at quilt shops.  It is a German handcrafted beauty. Smooth, dense hardwood with unobtrusive hardware.  It is the only hoop I have found that compares to my 35 year old, anonymous wood hoop.  This does not bend at all.  It will last you your quilting career.  

When I handed it over to Bill (who is a cabinet maker - and now a semi-retired cabinetmaker) he quickly told me to order them.  You see, he has been tinkering around trying to recreate my old one.  He did make one but it took him many, many hours.  You think it would be easy. He said it was easy actually - but it's involved. These are well made - and have a price to match.  They cost $46.00.  You can find them here in our Etsy store. 

I have some new Japanese needles ordered and they will be in our store too.  Keep watching.



Anonymous said...

My quilting hoop is 34 years old and still going strong. I guess they were well made in the "old days!"


Janet said...

Thanks for "taking us" along to NewYork! It sounds like such a marvelous city to experience. Cronuts and the Japanese bookstore are not the usual highlights you hear about someone's trip to New York :0) I bet the trunk show was wonderful as well!!

MJinMichigan said...

Are those the Hiroshima needles? I've been thinking about ordering some to try ever since I saw them advertised in QuiltMania. I love the Japanese quilting books and have quite a collection. Although I can't read Japanese it doesn't matter because I like them for the pictures and tend to only read directions when I run into trouble anyway.

Laurie said...

Yes, MJ - they are the Tulip Hiroshima needles. We'll have quilting needles, appliqué needles, and milliners. The milliner is what I used to hand quilt the Austin Bluebird Sampler - with a big stitch. I love them.

Whew, people. I just had to re-order hoops!

Debra said...

Eek, Cronuts! Luckily you were there AFTER they were shut down for health violations! Love the new wooden hoops.. I think I need to add that to my wish list!

Carrie said...

Kinokuniya! I'm so so envious... but my Visa card is happy you were there instead of me. ;)

I love the Hiroshima needles - they're wonderful and the packaging is the most. gorgeous. ever. Yes, I am a pushover for beautiful packaging.

By the way, Austin Bluebird is gorgeous. Wonderful. Amazing. Congratulations!

Carrie said...
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woolwoman said...

exciting news about the quilt hoop - I am almost tempted to try hand piecing,applique and quilting. You are very inspiring. Sounds like a great time you and Polly had in NYC. Thanks for taking us along. Mel

Sue said...

Laurie, thank you so much for showing your wonderful quilts and a couple of your sister's lovely rugs yesterday at the Genesee Stars Quilt Guild. I am publishing your website and blog address in our newsletter so folks can find you if they didn't get a chance to purchase patterns or books yesterday. We will also be looking for your Lexington line in our local quilt shops soon and several of us are planning to visit Lake Street Mercantile to add to our stash. Thanks again, Sue Matlock

antique quilter said...

I just went to order a quilt hoop and they are not on your etsy site will you be getting more in?

Renee said...

I love the red and white quilt pictured on the ottoman. Will that be one of your new patterns?

Kath said...

Your red and white quilt showing under the hoop is gorgeous. Is this one of your patterns? Please share the pattern name with us.

Laurie said...


I have to remember to quit showing that quilt :)

(but it's usually in use on the ottoman or couch). That is a cheater cloth that was in our Flag Day Farm collection. The cheater was a copy of one of Polly's antique quilts. You sewed 2 widths together (removing one zigzag border) and then sewed the zigzag onto the sides. It made a very, very fast quilt. Sadly the cheater cloth is long gone. There is no pattern of the original quilt. It's kind of a fussy pattern that I never saw a duplicate of. You could draft it. One of our readers did draft it and is making it. Maybe we'll have pictures soon of her creation.


Renee said...

I would love a copy of the pattern if your follower is wiling to share. The cheater cloth truly looked like an antique quilt. Very cool.

Susan W said...

I would love to buy a hoop when you are restocked. Is that possible? Looking forward to finding some new Indigo fabric this August. Hope some is in our area.

Kath said...

I agree, I too would love a copy of the pattern if they're willing to share. I have to admit it truly looks like an original vintage quilt and not a cheater quilt.

Michele said...

I have been behind in reading my blogs and I'm TOO LATE to get a hoop.

Will you be getting another supply?

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