Monday, January 20, 2014

Suitable for a Valentine

We gotten in a few more Midwinter Red Scarf kits!  You can find them HERE.

I also put up a couple of the Montmorency Medallion kits in our store

This along with the Hurrah quilt….

Are available! - and if you want backings I have a few of those too.  When you order the kit - let me know.

Not much else going on here.  I went to a kids hockey game this weekend and as usual…… I came home with a cold.  I think it's the combination of sitting in a hockey rink for several  hours and also being exposed to kids germs.  Hockey rinks - the breeding ground for viruses and bacteria.  Someone should do a study.

Hopefully I'll have pictures of NEW things in a few days ….. keep watching.



Vicky said...

(sigh) You keep posting things that I want!

Pam P said...

I made a scarf for myself and gave the second one to my daughter - We just love these! I could use one in blue . . .
Sorry to hear about your cold! Germs = Yuk. Feel better soon!

Carrie said...

I thought all you northern types were much heartier than that! Colds wouldn't dare invade your space! lol

Feel better soon... Market sewing is looming. ;)

hannah said...

I just watched your video on Big Stitch Hand Quilting on the Fat Quarter Shop blog. I am totally intrigued with it and want to try hand quilting using big stitches. I have a couple of basic questions: where can I find a quilting hoop like you were using; what was the tool you were marking with; and where can I purchase the Aurifil thread (I have 50 wt. but haven't seen the heavier weight}. Thank you for your help. Your quilts are so beautiful!!

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