Friday, January 10, 2014

No News

I've been needing to post all week, but the lack of anything interesting has kept me from the keyboard.  Until today. Lucky you.

The polar vortex has moved on and in it's place we have fog, mist, and the promise of rain.  The change of weather is taken in stride by Gibby and his best friend Clara.  Here they are way in the foreground wrestling in the snow a few days ago.
See what I mean by nothing exciting going on?  At least nothing exciting if you are a human.

When news is slow - my last resort is to check my iPhone for the last few photographs I have taken.  It isn't much, but here goes….

I'm in a bit of limbo here waiting for our new fabric to land on the porch. Once that gets here we can move forward to the next step in pattern writing and quilt making.  In lieu of that, progress is being made with Mrs. Billings.  I've had questions from some of the folks who purchased the pattern from us. I will say that 2 notions are a must - one is a lazy susan type rotary cutting board and a rotary cutter with a small head.  The other would be a sand paper board for when you mark your pieces.  This is mine.  It is well used.

In addition to Mrs. Billings and the taxes (yes, my part is completed. I have never felt so virtuous), I have even started some cross stitch.  This is one silk thread worked over 2 minuscule linen threads.  That needle is the smallest tapestry needle I could find. I found that my tri-focals were not cutting it.  My answer to that was a lighted magnifying lens that hangs around my neck. That didn't quite do it either. My next attempt was to forgo the try-focals and buy the strongest pair of drug store readers I could find. (I typed in tri-focals, but it was autocorrected to try-focals. I'm keeping it) These are so-so.  I think the next stage are these….

What else… like everyone else in the new year I am looking for positive changes and better organization.  I found these at Costco…..
Stackable storage boxes! One I filled with specialty threads like hand dyed floss, and linen and wool threads.  The next is 45 spools of hand quilting thread.  When the stores refuse to sell to me anymore - I'm ready! Another has my above mentioned cross stitch, the lighted lens and the drug store readers.  It's all waiting for me when I feel the need to squint.  These were a DEAL people! The stack of 5 is $19.95.  

Have a great weekend everyone!



Vicky said...

I hear you on the glasses thing. I have a new prescription, two new pairs of bi-focals, and I still had to don the drugstore variety to sew on a label over Christmas. No one told me this would happen when I got older than dirt!

Kathy said...

I've gotten back into cross-stitch, too, and have the same eye issues. I got some Mag-eyes. They look totally dopey to wear, but they do work. I leave my bifocals off and just use them for cross-stitch. But not in public.

woolwoman said...

If you continue to do the stitching on linen - you can ask your eye dr to make you a prescription of your regular glasses 2 - 3 times stronger - take the needlework and show him/her what you are doing and tell them you need more help. You can also check into a Daylite lamp that has a magnifier built into the light - JOann has them and on sale quite often - Ottlight probably has a version too - the Cadillac is the Dazor - some of them are on a rolling base so you can bring right in close. Just depends on whether you want to stick with the cross stitch or not as to how many toys and tools you want to invest in. Depending on the linen count you probably want a 26 or 28 tapestry needle. Love your blue silk, I should pull out my quaker stocking and SAL with you on this one ! Melody

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I gave up on cross stitching a long time ago for exactly the same reason--my eyes! I've had pretty good luck with the readers from HSN--I'm on the 3X power now--started at 1.5. Anyway, they come in big sets so you can have a pair in every room. I was tempted to try these if I got desperate:

Sorcha girl said...

I agree about the storage bins--not only practical but room brighteners. The 12 1/2 quilt block fits flat inside to store while piecing all the blocks needed for a project.

The suggestion "woolwoman" had for glasses is one I will try. I love to do cross stitch projects.

Françoise said...

Years ago I took some sewing to my eyedoctor. I told him that was what I wanted to see clearly. It made him laugh, but now at least he understands, and he remembers it, which is great I think.

pdudgeon said...

i've found some good reading glasses online from www.goldviolin. they stock magnifications from 3.0 all the way up to 6.0 and the price is reasonable. Happy stitching!

pdudgeon said...

p.s. that should read LOL

Pam said...

New fabric??? :) Oh Boy!! Few phrases are as exciting - right up there with "new dog" and "vacation day" - Lol!! I've been working on hand piecing my Star Table runners and I've lost my glasses (on my forehead) and my scissors (sitting on them). Ha ha - hope you have better luck!

lfrihart said...

Aid for seeing needlework. I use either OPTICAID or clip-on spectacle magnifiers from They are hinged in two places for adjusting to greatest vision for you. Have used for 20 years with X-stitch, applique etc. Both styles clip to your regular glasses that cannot provide this clear vision that is magnified. Hope this helps.

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