Wednesday, December 4, 2013

1868 Quilt Kit Winner

The silver icicle tree is up.  We live in a small house and I am constantly fighting the "too much stuff - too much clutter" syndrome.  I think this will be the extent of the Christmas decorating.

I am down to 2 gifts I have to purchase and I know what they are and where I am getting them - so basically the shopping dragon has been slain.  Whee!

So……. RUTHTHEQUILTER!!!!!!! -  You are the winner of the 1868 quilt kit and Quilts and Rug book.

Email me HERE and I'll get it out to you before the holidays.

We got a photo of most of our strike-offs for our next collection yesterday.  They are still waiting on the last set of strike-offs at Moda.  Once the final collection has been decided on, then it's 6 weeks before I get the fabric in my hot little hands.  I have 4 patterns drawn up on graph paper waiting for it's arrival.  6 weeks!  I may design another dozen quilts in the meantime.

That's okay. I'm getting caught up on other things.

I organized my fabric scraps yesterday.  I'm so pleased with it I am thinking about doing a major reorganization of my stash.  I know. That way madness lies……..



Janet said...

Design another dozen quilts!?! You have so much creativity in you it astounds me!

moosecraft said...

Congrats to Ruth!
That quilt looks perfect with the tinsel tree!

Jacqueline said...

Whatever you are takin I want some. I could use some of your energy.

Congrat's to Ruth.

WoolenSails said...

Congratulations to Ruth!
I love the tree next to the quilt, just enough to make the room warm and cozy. I still haven't had time to make any christmas quilts for me, so I am going to start now so I have plenty for next year.


kathiquilts said...

maybe on graph paper??

sillyewe said...

Congratulations to Ruth! That will be a lovely Christmas present to her. :0) And, I need some of that energy, too….I haven't even begun my Christmas shopping. The making yes, the shopping…oh no!

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