Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Report

It's been kind of a quiet weekend here (if you don't count the screaming at televised sporting events).
I have 3 of the 4 quilts hand quilted for 2013 Houston Quilt Market.  I started quilting the last one yesterday.

This is a close up of of Montmorency Medallion.  I am quilting with a Big Stitch and I hope to get quite a bit done today while watching the Tigers play/clinch the American Central Division.  Of course, to be able to clinch today - it all depends on what the Houston Astros do.  Astro' yeah, so it's kind of a long shot for today.  Probably will happen in a day or so.

I just washed Hurrah! and hung it on the line in the back yard.
(It's sideways so it doesn't drag on the ground..... tilt head a little to the left...)

There a lots of clothes pins to handle the weight of a wet quilt.  There was also a dog to stand guard.

Gibby the quilt guard dog

Starburst is in the washer now and will join Hurrah! on the line soon.  (Told you it wasn't very exciting here).

Have a happy Sunday



Tdsvintagelife said...

Thanks for the tutorial on the big stitch, I have three quilts I am hand quilting for the holidays and think I will be able to get them all done in time using that method. Finished the first one yesterday while watching college football ( we have given up on our Mariners) and will start the next this week. Now I have one sitting 2/3rds done as I didn't know and used warm & natural batting and the small stitch argh!!! If I had only known. Have a great day your tips are so helpful.

Laurie said...


Thank you. So sorry about the Warm & Natural batting in your unfinished hand quilted quilt. Yeah, Warm & Natural is great for machine quilting - but HELL for hand quilting. I can't tell you how many students I have had that starting hand quilting on a Warm & Natural batt. They quickly became discouraged and never attempted hand quilting again. I'm so glad your Big Stitch quilting is going well! Here's to getting hand quilted quilts done!


Barb said...

You've convinced me to try big stitch quilting, but the word of caution on Warm and Natural leaves me wondering what your preferred batting might be. Thanks for your continued inspiration.

Laurie said...


What you want for hand quilting is a thin, natural fiber. My favorites are: Quilters Dream Batting in either Request or Select weight (their 2 thinnest weights), or Quilters Dream Wool batting. This is by far the easiest to hand quilt - you just need to wash in tepid water water and little agitation after the quilt is quilted. If this is a gift - and you think the quilt will get a lot of washing - stick with cotton. Other good cotton choices (these are my opinions and just the ones I have tried and liked) are Hobbs Heirloom 100% cotton or Hobbs Heirloom Wool, and Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon Cotton batting. I've been using the Quilters Dream the most recently. I like it - and it is the easiest to deal with when you are basting a quilt. If you are hand quilting - you probably are basting it also. It's so easy to work with. Good luck.


Janet said...

Putting finished hand quilted quilts in the wash and hanging them up sounds pretty exciting to me :0) They look wonderful!!

Jacqueline said...

Love the fabrics in both...

Karen Styles said...

Your quilts look wonderful Laurie. I can't wait o see them in Houston.

sue said...

Love the pictures of the new quilts

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I LOVE being able to put a finished quilt into the washer! Love your Hurrah!

Still waiting on my Cardinals to clinch the National League Central Division ... magic number is 3.

I concur about Warm and Natural. The nearby quilt shop recommended Warm and Natural to me when I asked for batting that would be suitable for hand quilting. Obviously the clerk has never hand quilted!! I bought two pieces, and when I finished the first one, I gave the other piece to a machine quilter.

the girlfriend gap said...

Thank you for the batting suggestions. I love hand quilting. Still learning all the ins and outs. Janita

Marcia said...

Yeah, the batting question got answered...really such an important part of the hand quilting experience. Thank you, thank you. The quilts are so amazing and inspiring. Laurie, you are inspiring! If I start to drag a bit on one of my projects, I just hop on over here and take a good long look at what you are currently working on and that gets me encouraged and working. You are a very nice "Kick-in-the-pants"!

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