Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Midwinter Reds Kits

Remember when I said that Midwinter Reds had starting shipping?  Well, I'm proof of that.  It just dropped on our doorstep this morning and I'm cutting up some kits.



A is For Apple

Click on the names of the quilts and it will take you to our Etsy store.  

If anyone wants me, I'll be at the cutting table with all the red and white fabric.  Kits are limited and they won't be around for long.  Enjoy.



Sinta Renee said...

LOVE, love love it! Great idea for a sweet little fabric line. You guys are great!

Fran Kingston Dill said...

It arrived in the quilt shop I work in. It was flying out the door the first day. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I bought the Nantucket pattern a while back. Now I can get the Reds to go with it. My family and I used to spend a few summers on the Island of Nantucket , we had friends there and visited often. We fell inlove with the place. There use to be a store that was called the Calico Whale and it had a wall size quilt like your Nantucket . I would walk by it all the time in the 80s on the Island. I always wanted to make it because it reminds me of the place. Now 30 yrs later Im finally making the quilt LOL!!!

Deb said...

Does the Holiday kit include the pattern or do you need to purchase separately?

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