Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Saint Germain UPDATE

I have news..... first of all I found some more background fabric for a few more kits.  I have added 4 kits to our ETSY page and you can find the kits HERE 

And.....I have also added the downloadable pattern to ETSY.  The other site that is hosting our downloads is having issues.  Ugh.  So sorry.  So, the pattern quickly was added to ETSY and I will be transferring the downloads from the old site to Etsy. This process will take a few days, but Saint Germain is available now on ETSY.

Thank you everyone for your nice comments, and being flexible about all this.



Janet said...

I bet the kits are popular. I love how unexpected some of the orange peel fabrics are. I would never think to use that red and tan stripe but it's wonderful :0) I need to be more brave with my choices.

mascanlon said...

Sigh...missed the kits but I love this pattern so much!

Logan said...

My jaw dropped! What a beautiful quilt!!!

pdudgeon said...

thank you so very much ( and HUGE HUGGS!) for being willing to transfer your patterns back to the Etsy site. rest assured that i will be stocking up on the new MidWinter Reds patterns and the Saint Germain pattern when they are all available.

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