Friday, June 7, 2013

Yes! We Have Kits!

The long awaited boxes from France have arrived.  Along with our quilts and rugs that furnished our "house" in Nantes - we have a few kits.  That in itself is a story..... we were advised, by needle artists that had gone before us, that small kits were it.  Europeans had smaller homes and thus, less wall space as compared to Americans.  We noted this and shipped tons of small kits - both quilts and rugs to France.  I had to buck the trend and also add some of what I like the most - large quilt kits.  Guess what? Every small rug kit that Polly sent over sold. Every LARGE quilt kit I sent over sold, but I do have some smaller kits left.  Leave it to me to be abnormal.
Star Table Runner

Game Board Quilt

1868 Quilt

This is what we have, the Star Table Runner kit, the Game Board kit (both out of Indigo Crossing fabric) and the 1868 Quilt kit out of Independence Trail fabric.  You can find them here on Etsy.

Don't worry Rug Hookers ...... Polly is working on a new Semper Fi kit to be unveiled here on this blog very soon.  Keep watching.

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farmhousequilter8 said...

Could you post a list of all the Lines of Fabric you all have designed. I collect them and I want to make sure I have them all.
Paula in KY

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