Saturday, June 15, 2013

Slow Pace

While we have more than enough stuff to fill our days, the last week or so has been more relaxed.  My "to-do" list can be written on one page.  I am currently chipping away at all 4 things on my list.  Pretty happy about that.
 This is how I will spend my evenings for the next couple of weeks. Hand quilting my Nightingale quilt. I decided to use a big-stitch technique for this and am liking it so far.  That is basically the same hand quilting I always do, but with an embroidery needle and 12wt Aurifil thread.  I believe the 12wt correlates to the 12wt in pearl cotton.  This Aurifil is dreamy in this weight.  A delight to hand quilt with.  This top will go super fast.  The quilt is 90" square and I expect that I will have it just about finished by the end of the month - and that is only sewing on it in the evenings.  I'll keep you posted as to my expectations.
 Here I have started to mark the cross hatching lines that will go behind my vines.  I used a hera marker  to make the top - my favorite tool for straight lines.

I haven't decided on how I will quilt the nine patch "crosses" yet.  I have a day or two to decide before I get to them.

Polly is at a workshop in Florida this weekend.  She says "Hi" and wanted me to tell you that there will be a new Semper Fi Rug Kit posted soon here.

Paula asked in our last post - to list all of our fabric collections.  Wow, I just wrote them down and it sure sounds like a lot.  35 to be exact.  Lissa Alexander mentioned the last time I saw her that we had over 30 collections.  I said that couldn't be right.  Well, I guess since Moda Fabrics counts the woven and wool collections as separate - then it is well over 30.  My, my - how times flies.  I'll list them here - they can also be found HERE on our website.  Over on the left - they are in 2 places - Past Collections has the first that we did before we had the website - and then the rest are listed under Moda Fabric collections.  All are here except for the one that ships in September - Midwinter Reds. 

Nantucket Wovens and Wools
Coming Home
Coming Home Wools
Christmas Past
Christmas Past Wovens and Wools
Vintage Reserve
Vintage Reserve Wovens and Wools
Scaredy Cat
Scaredy Cat Wovens and Wools
The Hamptons
Prairie Paisley
Prairie Paisley Wovens
Winter Wovens
American Primer
American Primer Wovens
Flag Day Farm
Flag Day Farm Wovens
Jingle Flannel
Bar Harbor
Bar Harbor Wovens
Halloween Night
Clermont Farms
American Banner Rose
American Banner Rose Wovens
Prairie Paisley II
Independence Trail
Independence Trail Wool
Indigo Crossing
Indigo Crossing Wovens
Midwinter Reds
Midwinter Reds Wovens

Have a relaxing weekend everyone



Vicky said...

You've really done a lot of wonderful lines. I have them all except for the flannel one and the Halloween ones. Can't wait for the next 35!!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I love the quilting in red--something I would never dare to do since my stitches are terrible.
Now if only we could still find the fabric in all those lines--I would kill for some yardage of the light blue on cream background floral from Clermont Farms!!

ANudge said...

Love, love your Nightingale quilt and that you're doing the quilting in red.

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

I love the look of the Nightingale quilt - especially how the leaves have been created. What an amazing number of collections you have designed.

SharoninStitches said...

I love the Nightingale quilt and can't wait for the Reds to be released in September!!

Debra Anger said...

I love this new red and white quilt it looks awesome
Big stitch is just perfect

Janet said...

I love the pieced leaves together with the texture from the quilting! Thanks so much for sharing your progress. What a lot of fabulous collections you 2 have designed!! May there be many, many more. :0)

lovetostitch said...

Loving your Nightingale and that stitching!! Swoon!!
Each collection was/is beautiful and goes with everything I own!!

pdudgeon said...

i started my collection of Minick & Simpson fabrics with The Hamptons. I made a quilt with the collection and when my hubby saw it, he said "MINE"! first quilt he's ever taken a real liking to, so thank you again, and again for all that you both do.

Dixie said...

Your quilting is so great on this quilt. Really love that you are taking the time to do it!

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