Sunday, May 26, 2013

Minimalism in Portland

So you want to see our booth?  There wasn't much there.  It was GREAT!  The new Moda Designer Booth concept was sure a hit with us.  You see, no shipping crates and cartons. No getting in a day early to build and furnish a booth. Nope. We all had 6' of space on the whitewashed walls.  Floors, shelves and tables were already there put up by the wonderful staff at Moda.
 Minimalism. Yeah.  We had everything we needed to show shop owners.  We even had a little table and chairs to catch up with our buddies.
Polly, Camille, Edyta, me, Mary, and Barb

 One of our big hits at the show was this scarf made with the ikat wovens from Midwinter Reds.  The fabric will ship in September. But......remember that the same fabric (in blue and creams) was in our Indigo Crossing collection. If you have this - or any of our wovens (the same design on the back and front of the woven fabric) than you can make this scarf.  Here are the simple directions.

We hope you are having a nice long holiday weekend with family and friends and also getting in some stitching or hooking.  This is my diamond border for Mrs. Billings piled on my little red wagon.  All four borders are finished and I am working on the corner pieces.  I should be able to post a picture in a couple of days.  To all those who asked - Mrs. Billings pattern and templates will be in stock once again - just as soon as they get here from down under.  I'll let you know when they arrive.

As always, our thanks to all who serve and those who have paid the ultimate price - honor them on this Memorial Day weekend.



Library Gal Quilts said...

How brilliant of Moda not to drive their designers to distraction trying to come up with booths and fabric and everything else. Very civilized!! I bet you had a lot more fun! Your scarf is so nice and that border is crazy good! Happy Memorial Day gals!

kshackabq said...

Love the scarf. Thanks for the "how to."

Anonymous said...

I have the same photo of you - except my sister is in it too!!

We had such a great time sitting with you on the boat cruise and love buying all of your fabrics for our stores!!

Have a great summer~!
Quilter's Eden

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