Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Virtual Decorating

Christmas Tree place card courtesy of

Most of the decorating this year will be virtual decorating.  Sigh.  It has something to do with a house full of fabric, unexpected dog-sitting,  and my dining room table looking like this....

Kits, and lots of them.  This is the first stage of cutting, kitting and shipping to France.  I could almost feel sorry for myself, but it does mean that we get to go to France in a few months.  Pinch me.

In the process of cutting these kits I found I have a little bit left over.  Two kits here, three kits there...... not quite enough to put up on the website, but enough to let some of you know they are available.  
So, these very limited runs and unpredictable items will go up in our new Etsy shop!!!  I'll be adding more items as they become available.

I'll have our trusty website person put up a button on the blog.



Queenie Believe said...

A trip to France! What fun!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Janet said...

I wish my dining room table looked like that :0) A trip to France sounds heavenly!!

Lyn said...

My maine coon cat would be all over that fabric, helping you arrange it. :-)

Faysal said...

I am happy when reading your blog with updated information! thanks a lot and hope that you will post more site that are related to this site.


Karen said...

I'm looking forward to the show in Nantes. Are these fabrics for your workshops?

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