Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Decorations

Anthropologie window at Rockefeller Center
Holiday Decorations in New York City
The exquisite windows at Ralph Lauren, Madison Avenue - NYC
While Polly and I got a little bit of business done in New York this past week, everywhere we looked the holiday decorations were out.  They were wonderful.  The theme at the Anthropologie this season is white paper.  All the stores will be decorated in some way using this.  We could go on and on about Anthropologies' decorating, but know this - all stores have the same theme and they are given free rein in how they accomplish it.  Just know that the high profile store at Rockefeller Center out does everyone in this feat.  This store is a must see in New York every holiday season.

If you have followed Polly's home in many publications over the years - you know her holiday decorating is pretty good too.

I try, but I'm not up to Polly's level (but who is?).  This was my tree from a couple years ago....

What about this year, you ask?  Nada.  Nothing.  Between travel and other stuff..... it hasn't happened yet.  Actually what is filling my house at the moment is this.

I'm trying to cut kits for a workshop in France that happens in a few months (more about that later!).  I need to cut kits, because I sort of need how to figure out how to ship them there.  Anyhow..... in the process of stepping over piles of fabric bolts I now know I can cut a couple kits and offer them here - just in time for Santa to put one under your tree.

I have a very limited supply of Ellen's Sewing Basket quilt kits (2 to be precise).  The kit features over 17 yards of Independence Trail fabric and makes this.....

Our website person in on vacation, so I won't put it up on the website - if you are interested in this kit - just email me HERE and I'll get it off to you.  The kit is $200.00 and includes shipping if you are in the contiguous 48 states.  An additional shipping charge will be added if you want it shipped international.

Hope your decorating is going as planned.



Karen in Breezy Point said...

I used to do windows for a chain of shops and believe me--they never looked as wonderful as these! How lucky to get to see them in person!
The only decorating I've managed so far is getting out my seasonal quilts and table toppers.

Logan O'Bier said... pretty! I'm wayyy behind schedule! Oh well:)

pdudgeon said...

i'm going to be furiously sewing and cookie baking this next week, running between the kitchen and the sewing machine, timing stitches and baking quilt squares---ummm, right!
It's just so much fun and i love being busy all week, and then falling into a heap to savor and enjoy Christmas. AHHHH!

Altax said...

Lovely pictures!!! Enjoyed it.

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