Saturday, September 15, 2012

Moda Blog Hop Winners!

Thanks so much for following along and thanks for your enthusiastic responses.

You know, after you live in a place for a while you do get complacent.  I forget how many wonderful things this town has to offer.  I barely scratched the surface.  There was disgruntled comments from family members about things I didn't post - particularly the Washtenaw Dairy.....

Oh well.  It probably is a good time to go there and get the last ice cream cone of the season.

But.... now to the good stuff - the winners!

Winner of the Layer Cake ™ is Doreen B

Winner of the Independence Trail Jelly Roll ™is Willa  

Winner of the Independence Trail Fat Quarter Bundle ™ of neutral wools is Miss Jean

Don't forget you all get the POP TARTS too!

Email me HERE with your addresses and they'll go out to you asap!



Shannon said...

Congratulations, ladies!

Miss Jean said...

Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!

WoolenSails said...

Congratulations the the winners!


karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Congrats to the winners!

Michele P said...

Thanks for the fun!

Kate said...

Congrats to all your winners and thanks for the contest!

Sandra Henderson said...

WOOOoohhhhoooo great prizes!!!

I'm using those scraps that I won from you a few months back for Quilts of Valor. Going up to Taccoa , GA to a SEW FREE retreat Oct. 4 and trying to get as much made up before as I can.

I missed this contest, need to pay more attention!~

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

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