Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Parties, Green Lawns, and other Stuff

The party went well.  Very well.  Here are Grant (going to Michigan) and Shelby (DePaul) letting everyone know what their future alma mater's will be.  We had a big crowd considering many people came from quite a distance.  Notice the perfect green lawn.  It is the lawn of my nephew Jeff.  The lawn is a bit of a pet project for him - especially with this dry summer we are having.  Here is a picture of Polly and our brother Jeff (Jeff the elder, not the lawn owner).
Yes, Polly and I and our brothers are easy to spot in a crowd.  We would be the ones with the glasses and white hair.  We really did have a nice time.  Kayce even had a nice time.
Really she did.  And Kayce is not judging you.  It's me she's judging - actually my photography skills to be specific.

What's next on the busy schedule of Polly and Laurie?  We are heading out Monday to Sauder Village in Archbold Ohio.  We will be there for Rug Hooking week - teaching and vending.  If you are in the area, stop by and see us and the other vendors.  It's a rug hooking extravaganza.  We will have quilting stuff too in our booth - a brand new book that will debut at Sauder (More on that later), rug kits, quilt kits, fabric, patterns, and more.

Once again my dining room is ground zero for packing for a show.  There are boxes and bags of all sorts of goodies.  There was a real concern it wouldn't all fit in the SUV.  This was delivered by Amazon about an hour ago.  I hope it takes care of all the overflow.

In the meantime, I've picked up an older project and have been working on it.  I really didn't have any choice as I am waiting on Independence Trail yardage to get here for other quilts - AND we heard that our next fabric collection has just shipped the first printing (for us to design with) and it will land on the porch in a couple of days.  Let's not get too ahead of ourselves though......This is what I've been working on in the evenings while channel checking between baseball and the Olympics.   (OMG! It's been the best week of Tiger baseball in ages).  We have to revel in the good weeks because that bad weeks are unfortunately, not that long ago.

The aqua is all appliquéd and I'm just now appliquéing the lavender star flowers.  The whole thing is a wrinkled mess.  If you have ever done Hawaiian appliqué - it's inevitable.  It all gets balled up in your hands as you sew.  No worries, though.  All the wrinkles will fall out as it's basted and quilted.  What's it for??   It's a gift.  Nevermind who.  All will be revealed eventually.

Notice the NOT green lawn in this picture.  Our poor lawn isn't faring very well during this weather.  This and the fact that I am not a gardener.



Janet said...

The aqua Hawaiian applique is beautiful!! What an incredible gift!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Ha! I have photos of my little niece Skylar with the exact same expression. It's nice to be tolerated, though. I can't wait to see the finished Hawaiian quilt even though I am surprised at the colors you are using--okay, shocked.
Karen in Breezy Point

Glenn Dragone said...

The Hawaiian applique work is wonderful!!!!!
A true artist at work.

Abbybeth said...

The Hawaiian applique is gorgeous! I picked up a pattern/instruction book for this style when I was in Hawaii, but haven't started anything yet.

The Tigers have definitely made it exciting - I was at the game Tuesday night and Valverde really tried his darndest to make is suspenseful!

Elizabeth said...

Love the Hawaiian applique! And I loved the picture of your cute relatives heading to college.

mascanlon said...

Lovely quilt, may have to dig out my pillow top and finish!

Logan said...

Looks like you had a good time! The quilt is gorgeous! I've always wanted to make one...haven't made the time yet:)

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