Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Coolest Bag Ever

This is Our Very Cool Bag from Polly's book, American Summer.  It was a collaboration from Polly, myself, and especially Leigh Ann Prange.  Polly's son had a similar bag that was "manufactured".  It kept drinks cold all day, but his vinyl bag had all the seams welded somehow in the manufacturing process.  Our challenge was to re-create this bag with our coated fabric - but not have any sewn seams in the lining.  If there were seams - then the moisture would wick into the insulation layer.  Leigh Ann to the rescue - she whipped up this bag and kind of "origami-ed" the lining so it fit - without any sewn seams.  It works beautifully and it look kind of nice too!

We now have a limited amount of kits for this bag.  You will need the American Summer book for the directions. The kit comes with the coated fabric (both outside and inside), thermal lining, strapping, and zipper.  The kit is HERE.  It's perfect for all your summer outdoor plans.

........So, you know what else happened?  I've had cereal for breakfast for the last 5 days, (except for Sunday).  Exciting, right?
 My favorite is Frosted Mini Wheats.  This time of year - it's with fruit.  I had raspberries three times, sliced strawberries once and sliced bananas once.   I'm kind of particular in how I eat my Frosted Mini Wheats.  I like to have a Mini Wheat AND a piece of fruit in each spoonful.  I'm sure a Psychologist would have a lot to say about that, but back to my story.......  On the first day I noticed that I had exactly the same number of Mini Wheats and raspberries in my bowl.  When I got down to the last spoonfuls (the spoonfuls of a Mini Wheat AND a raspberry) I saw that I have exactly 2 Mini Wheats and 2 Raspberries left.  Serendipitous, I though.  The next day, again with the raspberries.... the cereal and fruit evened out.  The day after that (with sliced bananas), as I got down to the end - it looked like it was going to be a dead heat and it WAS.  Yesterday I had some sliced strawberries.  I was trying not to pay any attention at all when I dumped them on my cereal, but sure enough.... Again - same number.  So, I hesitate to tell you this, but it seems I have some sort of talent.  Remember Dustin Hoffman in Rainman?  With the matches?  Yes, it seems I am some kind of cereal savant.  Without any planning or forethought - something in my brain makes sure I have a BALANCED breakfast.  With this new talent inflating my ego I confidently poured out my breakfast into the bowl this morning.  I ate and caught up on blogs.  Imagine my disappointment when in the bottom of my bowl I had 3 lonely Mini Wheats and no fruit.  My Mojo was gone.  As fast as it came - it went.  What does it mean? I have no idea.  All I know is that my mysterious talent is gone before I could capitalize on it.  No Late Night talk shows or Morning News producers vying for my appearance.  Rats.

Seriously, Have a great holiday!

Polly wants you to know that the last of the Christmas Stocking hooked rug kits will be put on the website next monday.  We'll blog about it too.



suz said...

Maybe it just doesn't happen on Tuesdays. Fortunately for the rest of us, you have other amazing talents. Good luck tomorrow!

PamKittyMorning said...

Better a cereal savant than, well cereal killer. You crack me up.

Marcia W. said...

This morning I had frosted mini wheats with strawberries. I had more mini wheats than strawberries at the end too. Maybe it is like Sue mentioned - a Tuesday thing.

Carrie P. said...

that is funny. just enjoy what you had.
I have been eating shredded wheat and bran with blueberries every day for the 2 weeks but I never paid attention to what was left.

heartsease54 said...

Laurie! And I mean this in the nicest possible way, but you are such a doofus! Thanks for the giggle.

Anita said...

That's so funny because I like to do the equal ratio of fruit to cereal also :) Just had some chocolatey delight and blueberries...very good!

Anonymous said...

I always have more fruit than cereal. I go with the shredded wheat and bran with 3 kinds of berries. I amost aways run out of berries before the end though.


sue said...

I laughed out loud when reading of your cereal savant. I have been having the same experience with my multi grain cheerios and blueberries! It really is the little things in life!!!

girls bedroom said...

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Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Good morning! My Cooler Bag kit came in the mail Saturday! I had the book already so when time permits, I'll get started! I love the blueprint style fabric!

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