Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Is Going On?

Are things a bit topsy-turvy where you're at? They sure are here. If you scroll down a couple of posts you will see a picture of March 10 here in Michigan - with snow on the porch. Not unusual. We used to say that right around St. Patrick's Day we were due for a snow storm. Not this year. We did have that pesky tornado last week. It's 85 degrees here and has been in the 80's for about a week. We got out the fans yesterday. All the trees are in bloom.
Magnolia's are usually at their peak around Mother's Day or the beginning of June. Opening day at Comerica Park is 2 weeks from today. I have spent many an opening day covered in goose down. We'll see what lays in store for us then.

Salads have been the diet of choice here and on my next trip to the store I'm looking for my summer pair of flip-flops. Strange days indeed.

There was even this little item in the news today...there is a cougar loose here in town.

What else? It seems there are 4 teams from Ohio still in the NCAA Basketball tournament (I kid, I only someone from Ann Arbor can kid about the citizens of Ohio.) What does any of this have to do with quilts or rugs. Nothing, except I'm caught up on my to-do list. Weird indeed. I think I'll buy a lottery ticket. Stranger things have happened.


p.s. Seriously, Good Luck Ohio Basketballers.


Unknown said...

No kidding! It's like 80 degrees here in Va! I've been outside sweating all day, wondering what the flower festivals are going to do?

Quilt n Queen said...

Crazy crazy weather Laurie....if we get a late will kill the fruit peaches, no honey crisp apples will make me sad....)o:

regan said...

We've had the same 80 degrees for a week here in Maine! This is crazy! But thank you so much for the magnolia pic.....that's my favorite tree.....but there are very few around here.....we are just on the edge of their region.

Michele P said...

cool and rainy here in KC today.

Go Jayhawks!

Buckeye Quilter said...

Global Warning! Al Gore was right! GO BUCKS, I am retired from The Ohio State University! Thanks for the cheers. That was one crazy game between Ohio University and Michigan. There have been so many close games. Who knew!

Connie in Columbus, OH

Pat said...

Louisville and Kentucky are still in it. Go Cards & Big Blue!!

Kentucky girl at heart!!

Hotquilts said...

It's 77.8 degrees in NW PA today. We may hit 80! The forsythias are blooming as are the daffs, crocus and early stuff. I did see a pink magnolia blooming today too.Lake Erie didn't freeze over this year. I'm thinking summer not late freezes. Think positive everybody!

sue said...

Here in Western Oregon we had 4" of snow yesterday 3/22/12!

Karen said...

Our weather in lower MI certainly has been unexpectedly wonderful! I visited my Mom yesterday and was sorry that I'd forgotten my camera as her magnolia tree looked just like the one pictured! When I got in the car to return home, it was 89 degrees! Drove home with all the windows down!

Hadn't heard about the cougar in A2. We have had talk of them and other critters here. We do have frequent nightly visits by "singing" coyotes.

Sharon said...

I spent the last several days here in South Eastern Lower Michigan outside...i have sunburned shoulders to prove it. Drove with the top down. Weeded garden beds. Saw Magnolia trees in full bloom.
NOT putting my winter coat away. I"m pretty sure I will need it on Opening Day!

PamKittyMorning said...

It's def weird when people from MI are having better weather than the people in CA. Brr.

janet gordon said...

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