Saturday, March 31, 2012

Independence Trail - The Winner of the Scraps!

It's been good to hear of every one's plans. It sounds like the scraps will get used - and that's great. I have 5 boxes packed and 2 will go to our winners and the other 3 will go to folks making charity quilts. Thank you for that - you give all of us quilters a good reputation when you do nice stuff like this!

Helen from Seattle

Sandra Henderson

Email me here, ladies and I will get your Independence Trail scraps right out to you.

No quilting for me today. Other things were a priority. It's pretty unusual for a day to go by and not one stitch gets done. I'll try to make up for that tomorrow. We're closing in on the home stretch for Spring 2012 International Quilt Market and I have nothing planned for this week except stitching and a little bit of baseball. In a few short days the boys of summer will arrive from spring training. It's that magical time of year when anything is possible. The long baseball season is a metaphor for life and passion. Here's hoping your team will live up to all your expectations.
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Betty Lou said...

Congratulations to Helen and Sandra. Look for to this next week and the begining of baseball. Love the boys of summer.

Karen M said...

I am also a fan of the Detroit Tigers. Since I moved to KY I hardly ever get to catch their games on TV. I have to rely on the MLB app on my phone to keep up with the boys. Am I the only one who gets down in the dumps when a player gets traded away from my team? I get emotionally invested in them and then they end up playing for other teams against the Tigers. It creates more angst than running out of bobbin thread while making a Y seam.

Taryn said...

I married one of those boys of summer so baseball will always have a special place in my heart. My team, the Orioles, hasn't been a winner in many years but I still love spending a balmy summer evening in the stands.

Sandra Henderson said...

I am SO excited!!!!!~ THANK YOU so much!
I really wanted to make this scrap quilt using all of your fabrics and you've really jump started me now! My head is spinning with ideas! I'll keep you posted and show you what I'm doing...

What isn't used, will certainly go to making other projects for Quilts of Valor and other projects.


shelley said...

Ha,Ha,Ha, a day late and a few dollars short!! Replied to the contest post, and then scrolled back up .... you pick those winners pretty quick! That will teach me not to check in for 4 days!

Helen said...

Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to starting a new scrappy quilt with that fabric. I can't wait to see it!

Sandy said...

Let the Tigers be winners like Helen and Sandra! Go Tigers!

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