Saturday, March 26, 2011

Quilters at Airports

This is the cover of Judy Condon's new book - The Spirit of Country. The rug above the hearth is one of Polly's. It was photographed in the home of Nancy King of New Hampshire. Polly is busy at a workshop currently and she asked me to help get the word out....the pattern for this rug will be published in a Minick and Simpson book next year. If you want a kit for this rug - email us here and Polly can give you the info on that. No patterns only until the book is published. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks everyone for the dog training tips. God knows we need them. Wearing Gibby out is absolutely the key. Since his daily playmate moved away we have struggled to keep him busy. He was a bit better yesterday - so progress, not perfection is our goal.

Have you seen all the blog posts about the Red and White Quilt Exhibit in NYC?? Glenn took these marvelous pictures yesterday and Carrie has all the scoop and some more pictures. Don't forget Lissa! Polly and I are going next week. We can't wait and the above Glenn, Carrie, and Lissa will be our partners in adventure.

Which brings me to this..... there certainly has been a lot of chatter in the blogosphere about this once in a lifetime quilt show. If half of the people who are blogging about it are going, then I expect to spot quilters all over Metro Airport, JFK, and hustling around Manhattan. Quilters are easy to spot in airports - they are the ones in sensible shoes, extra tote bags, and threads hanging from their clothes.

There is another little thing happening in NYC at the same time. I have been uncharacteristically apathetic these past cold and snowy months. It's doubtful that this will continue much longer. I predict another promising spring and summer that will lure me in and then cruelly break my heart in September. I can hardly wait!



Pookie said...

Eek! I can't wait! We're going next week, too. It hadn't even occurred to me that we might be hobnobbing with famous quilters while we're there! :D

Have a great trip!

Sharon said...

I checked for hockey and basketball games but both teams are out of town! Travel safe and enjoy, it does look spectacular, I can't wait to soak it all in!

Carrie said...

In addition to the shoes, totes and threads... at least one quilted garment.

Thank goodness we've moved past the denim jumpers... mostly.

See you Tuesday!

Sharon said...

My husband and I went to visit my daughter in NYC this past weekend and went to the Red and White show this past weekend. We were there when they opened the doors and the view took my breath away. My husband and daughter were even impressed. I could have stayed there all was AMAZING! (and I didn't see a single denim jumper in the building!)

Suzanne in oz said...

loved your article before on your visit to NYC-in Australia i saw so much-very enjoyable-can't wait to hear and see more

suz said...

Had planned to take the Acela down but came down with the flu! Opening day for the Red Sox is just around the corner. WOO HOO!

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