Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall, Family, and Furry suits

After a hot muggy summer, this past week has been glorious. This was spotted on our morning walk/squirrel hunt this morning.I'm not sure what they are, but it was a tall bush with tiny mum like fuchsia flowers all over it. Maybe it was some kind of mum hybrid. Lovely. The weekend was spent with hurried emails and plans and more plans as it is high season for quilt and fabric designers. I have a spiral notebook that I carry at all times with my ongoing "to-do" list. Every day I cross off 2 or 3 things. Every day I also add about 7 or 8 things. I need to practice meditation just to quiet all the noises in my head. Geesh.

If you got a chance to catch any football this weekend, maybe you saw Polly's son Jim. He was on the field with the Stanford football team when they played Notre Dame in South Bend. If you saw a tall, handsome Marine in full dress uniform - that was him. He was the honorary Captain of the team. This honor was given to him by his best friend and inseparable childhood pal - Coach Jim Harbaugh. For us, who knew each of them when they were small boys - this was a really fun game to watch.
Colonel Minick
Coach Harbaugh

We had a small family get-together this weekend for a birthday party. Kayce turned 1 and her big brother Mason turned 3. A great time was had by all. My pics of the party are not so good, but I did get a picture of the present the Polly and I gave Kayce.......She will be the hit at Halloween. Who could resist this adorable Tiger suit? When her Mom, Katie saw what she unwrapped, she exclaimed "Oh, A Tiger suit just like your Aunt Laurie wore." I was then asked if I had a suit like that when I was a toddler. No, I mumbled. Uhhmmm, I wore it in my twenties. Yeah, I kind of forgot about that. No Halloween party or Opening Day celebration was complete until I was there in the Tiger suit. Oh youth.
It will look much better on Kayce.

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Laurie said...

Those flowers look like New England Asters (they are a perennial - at least in New England).
Enjoy the day!

Erin in MI said...

I don't know what those flowers are, but the leaves sticking up out of the top of them are the beginning of a mulberry tree! It looks like a volunteer, maybe you should ask the owners if you can transplant it? ;)

Glenn Dragone said...

Congratulations Polly!

What an honor for your son.

Any pics of Laurie in her Halloween best?

Taryn said...

Congratulations to Col. Minick. He's looking good in the dress uniform (hooah). Must have been a good day to serve as honorary team captain and watch Stanford spank Notre Dame!

azuree55 said...

Those flowers are asters.

I love your fabrics I think I have parts and pieces of every line ya'll do.

That Tiger costume would be a big hit here in east Tx with LSU being right across the border!

Vicky said...

I'm envious of your nice weather. It was 115 here today. What a handsome colonel! Definitely great genes and chromosomes!

madrekarin said...

You found some beautiful asters! Love that color and the morning glory vine twined through them. :) Congrats to your son! That's very cool.
Have a wonderful day.

Carol Sc said...

Soooo, was the Tiger suit an early indication of your loyalty to the Detroit team?! ...and, yes, I did watch a bit of the Stanford-Notre Dame game --- I keep wondering if Jim Harbaugh will be back at Michigan sometime in the not too distant future. ...and what a handsome Marine!

Minick and Simpson said...

Carol Sc,

My allegiance to the Detroit Tigers can pre-date my twenties. I have vivid memories of the '67 and '68 seasons and listening to the games on my transistor radio late at night when they played on the west coast.
As to Coach Harbaugh returning to the University of Michigan.....from your lips to God's ears.


No photographic evidence exists..... and that's my story.


Beth said...

My 6 month old grandson has the tiger suit for Halloween. We saw a picture of him in it and he is SOOOOOOO cute!!! Nothing finer in the world than little kids in Halloween costumes!

Lovie said...

Had to laugh about your tiger suit. 50 years from now they will still bring it up, if you have a picture post it, and pose with the next generation of tigers.

Jeanne (RED) said...

What a handsome Colonel! I love a man in uniform! What a honor on such a beautiful day.

I don't know nothin' about Asters, but they are sure pretty. I am a KC fan, but I like the tiger, photos, huh? Hummmm. LOL
Jeanne from Missouri

Anonymous said...

These were great pictures - the flowers are beautiful - not sure what kind, but, it seems many of your readers know what they are. Just wish I had some in our garden. Also great pictures taken at the football game - these blogs are great for sharing pictures and for sharing family so that family on the other side of the border can make a connection even in cyberspace of their family. My grandson had a costume similar to that one a couple of years ago for Halloween from us. How come no picture of you wearing it? Take care and have a great day. Karen

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