Thursday, August 19, 2010

Long, Lazy Dog Days

This is Gibby snoozing under the computer desk while I am typing this post.He is a faithful companion to me while I stitch or surf the Internet. Obviously, nothing much of note is happening here and Gibby's demeanor attests to that. It's not a very flattering photo of him. He is actually quite handsome. One of my chores this weekend is to take some pictures of him. HomeFurEver is having a fundraiser and they want pictures of all their past and present adoptions. Since the fundraiser - "Woofstock"- is a battle of the bands at a local night club - we won't be making an appearance. The cause is a worthy one, but our night club days are in the past.

Thanks for all the responses regarding the hand quilting hints. I really must see if the local long arm quilters will do some basting for me. I know when long arms were first on the scene I did inquire and no one was very interested. That was a while ago though. I keep forgetting that option.

As for my hand quilting..... I am getting farther along that I anticipated. Yeah! Dare I say, I might even be done with this quilt soon and on to preparations for Quilt Market in Houston. There are vague rumors of fabric being delivered here around Labor Day. I'm sure "Labor Day" will be a very appropriate named holiday as we will have 4 quilts to make from that delivery.

I know this is about the most boring post ever. So boring, that I have tried to put it off for days. I got nothing. I have been reading other quilting blogs and there is much more exciting stuff going on. Liesl had an adventure in Vermont. Sandy is reminiscing in Iowa. Camille is just fabulous in Nevada, and Lissa is a supermodel in Texas. Yes, much more interesting stuff than what is going on here.

So, in honor of another I got nothing post.... I will leave you with this........ A kitty with a soul patch.
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Sue said...

I loved your post! Loved the picture of your dog and he looks handsome to me in that pic.
Loved the photo of your kitty!

Have a fun day. I'm hand-appliqueing a basket handle :)

Sharon said...

Oh, I think you got something, you are hand quilting it and it has lots of berries/cherries on it... But you are holding out until Market! I feel the same way these days.

pdudgeon said...

sounds like you have something rarely found and most treasured going on in your neck of the woods...called peace and contentment! Enjoy!!

Helen said...

Gibby is very handsome, bored but handsome. But that kitten is ridiculously cute. He should be named after Apolo Ohno. Thanks for sharing the photo. And the great tips about quilting. I am especially interested in trying the basting approach.

Bari Jo said...

Cute! This kitten looks like he has a little beard that my sister calls a 'cookie duster'! ha! Love your blog and patterns and fabrics!!!! Bari

Janet said...

Gibby is a dog among dogs, a prince of a dog - I can smell him and feel his lovely coat right now - I spent over twenty years hosting various boxers and to this day can't walk by one - just have to socialize!! Cats are good, and have their place too - especially in an old house that attracts mice like a magnet does filings! But a boxer - now that is something else. On a par - almost - with a good quilt!

farmhousequilter8 said...

Is there a hint that another new line of fabric is coming out soon?

Anonymous said...

OH do you bring back great memories!!! We were adopted by a wonderful German Sheppard/Doberman mix named Gibby! She was as sweet as candy, kind to all and struck fear in the hearts of those who didn't know she was a push over for a smile.

I am so thankful for each and every animal family member we have shared our lives with .. and there have been many.

Give your Gibby Girl a big hug for me.

PS your post was not in the least boring :)

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