Friday, March 5, 2010

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Oh, not much, how about you?This is the view beside my drafting/cutting table. I am going to cut a few kits. The plan is to be done by Sunday night so I can relax with a bowl of popcorn for all of the Oscar regalia.

What kit? Well, if you remember last summer I had guests. Jennifer Keltner from American Patchwork & Quilting just happened to stop by with photographer Beth and took some pictures for an upcoming issue. That upcoming issue is very near. If you have a subscription, you will get your copy at the end of the month. For the rest of you, the copy hits the news stand the first week of April. Along with the pictures of my very clean house (last summer- not now) is a quilt I made with Bar Harbor fabric. You will be able to purchase that kit from the website. Don't look for it now - it will be posted in a couple of weeks when the issue hits your mailbox. I don't even have a photo of the quilt yet. It is still in Des Moines at AP&Q. But..... I did cut a few kits last night of our Stars and Bars Quilt
You can get that from our website right now, if you can't wait for the surprise quilt. Oh, and Polly tells me there in only 1 kit left of her Sailboat hooked rug kit. So, if you have some time on your hands we have the solution. We don't want any of you to get into trouble. Idle hands, and all that. Have a great weekend.



Sherri said...

Those fabrics look so wonderful...I will be watching my mailbox for the new AP & Q! I love the articles they do showcasing various designers and their workspaces! Plus a pattern...can't wait!

"Lois Grebowski" said...

Fun fabrics!

It's gonna be beautiful, sunny, and warm (50s-60s) here in Middle Tennessee. We're headed down to our airstream parked at the kids' farm. Rumor has it we'll be planting a fruit orchard this weekend.

little acorns said...

I fell in love with your 'Stars & Bars' quilt at Market - & I had no idea about a kit & I just ordered the fabrics from FQS to make it! I really, really love it so! It will be the perfect summer (& other certain holidays) quilt to display. Also can't wait to get my next AP&Q as well!
xo, Bren

Janet said...

Laurie: I immediately went to your website to have a peek and of course tried to sign up for email notification. It appears that since I am a resident of Canada,l the signup process keeps aborti8ng on me - help!!!!!

jaybird said...

i'm headed to a quilt show... because i need more fabric!! yeah right! i hope you have fun in kit cutting land!!

Anonymous said...

This weekend we are headed down to the "D" for the dog show at Cobo. It is such fun to see all the dogs! Your fabrics look beautiful but what caught my eye in the pic is the hockey game you have hanging on your wall! Where did you find that?! I remember them when I was a kid. What fun to see one again! My red wings loving daughter thinks it is awesome!
~Joyce in MI

Minick and Simpson said...

Joyce - I found that hockey game in an antique shop the year after Bill and I got married. I bought it for him for our first Christmas together. He thought it was weird at the time, but he loves it now. He had one like it when he was a kid, as did my older brothers. I was drawn to the graphics on the side of the game and the great turquoise color. Every man of a certain age that comes into our house comments on this game. Most had one when they were kids. I am convinced that every household with boys in the 50's and 60' in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Canada had one. They are kind of scarce now as I often look for vintage hockey games. I wonder where they all went to?


Vicky said...

I can't even imagine having that many bolts of Minick & Simpson fabric sitting there! Wow! Well, I guess it's no biggy for M&S, but I'd be over the moon! LOL. It's supposed to rain today, so I plan on holing up in my sewing room and starting a new project. Probably should start Brrrrr since it's still officially winter here!

Betweens said...

Oh!! that looks like a fun filled weekend those wonderful bolts of fabric.
Speaking of AP&Q I love the mag. You printed a pattern "Reaching for the Stars" Oct 2008 and commented on my blog when I had it done to let you know. So please stop by!! if you want to copy the picture please do.
Well I have the top done and posted a picture. Hope you like it
I loved working with this pattern everything went together perfectly the "floating stars" was a great idea to help put the blocks together.
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent. I can't wait till Aprils edition comes out to view the next one.
FYI I am going to make another one. I am not afraid of "Y" seams anymore..LOL

Carrie P. said...

Such fun you must have going through all that fabric.
I just love the rug too.

Kathy said...

A rug hooking retreat with several dozen Indiana and Kentucky ladies was my weekend experience. We had the chance to select a book from the library of our late friend, mentor and teacher, Jean White. I chose "A Rug Hooking Book of Days, featuring the fiber art of Polly Minick" c.1998. Thank you Polly and thank you Jean!

Happy @/*-*\@ said...

Hello Laurie :) You have won my I will get to work on your blog header is the button mania that you prefered isnt it!

Thanks for taking part :)

Love Happy xx

kari said...

I think I am going to come to AA and burglarize your house....let me know when you aren't home!

nrnoodle said...

I hope you are going to add more kits for the Stars and Bars quilt. I love it. I checked your store and they were all gone. SO SAD!!

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