Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"They Call Me Mr. Gibbs"

Gibby had the stitches taken out of his ear yesterday. Everything is looking grand. The vet warned us when the stitches were put in that it would leave a lot of scar tissue and he could have a "cauliflower" ear. Heh. Boxer?..... Cauliflower ear? Am I the only one who thinks that's funny? Well, while he does have scar tissue, he is as handsome as ever. Quite the lady killer even though he can't do anything about it (see post about neutering....) He received an invitation in the mail this weekend for a play date with Clara. He's playing it cool, but he is pretty pumped about it.

As you can see, Gibby is often posing on quilt covered furniture. All the furniture is his, but he does share it with us. We understand the concept of keeping pets off the furniture and we kind of agree, in theory. We were going to stick to our guns with this dog. But, that first day when he snuggled up beside us to take a nap - we were done. Our fate was set and we have accepted life with quilt covered furniture and much laundering of slip-covers. Actually, it's a pretty good trade-off.

I am back to work and as usual all upside-down. I am thinking Halloween and designing patterns for that dark, scary holiday. Weird, as it is sunny and bright and the days are getting longer and longer. We should have these patterns proofread and to the printer shortly and I will post them as soon as possible.

The weekend was fun and you can read about it here. Lynne and I had a great time, although our shopping wasn't as we planned. If only we wore a size 2 (Lynne is a bit closer to that size than I). We could have had a field day with the fantastic vintage clothes.



Anonymous said...

Scars aside..............he is one handsome fellow!(from the looks of this picture he knows it!)

Vicky said...

He's adorable, Laurie! I LOL at his long legs. I've been looking at doxie legs for a lot of years! He looks plumb regal up on his quilted sofa!

Janet said...

What a sweet baby - I so miss not having a boxer or two in the house. You tell Mr. Gibbs he can sleep on my quilts any day!

PamKittyMorning said...

I like a dog that plays it cool.

kelley said...

No way to say no to a face like that...life is too short to shoo our bleoved companions off the furniture...plus it just takes too much effort...

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