Friday, March 26, 2010


Gibby has a new trick. He hops up on the windowsill in the afternoon. He is waiting for Bill to get home from work. It seems spending the whole day with me is boring. So boring, that he starts barking when I sit down at the computer. He is very opinionated. He keeps himself occupied with traffic, and other doggie friends out for a walk when he is up on the sill. I now have nose prints to wash off the window. How could anyone find it boring here?

Polly is getting ready down in Florida for some Spring Break visits. Naples will soon be overrun with Minick grandchildren. I am getting ready for 3 things here in Michigan. 1 - I will be teaching and giving a "lecture" Monday in Jackson Michigan for the Pieces and Patches Quilt Guild. I hope it really doesn't come off as a lecture. Mostly it is just a long "show and tell". 2 - I am working on my berry applique project. Here is vine that the berries will live on.I can't tell you how tickled I am with that picture. It seems I might have finally figured out how to get a close-up that is actually in focus. Oh, what this could mean for this blog! Yes, pictures that are actually in focus. The mind reels.

3 - The June issue of American Patchwork & Quilting will start rolling out to subscribers next week. We have some kits stacked up ready to go out. Look for the kit to be posted on our website later this weekend.
That's about it for today. Hope you have a good weekend



PamKittyMorning said...

Gibby looks cute sitting up there. Our old Jack Russell Mr. Brown used to sit on the windowsill, only ours is more cat sized. Our two Norwichs sit on the back of the sofa when given the chance. They bark all day long, and wait for Bret to get home.

Pookie said...

Gibby is so cute on that windowsill! (I love the mosaic on the sill, too.)

Good luck at your lecture!

Anonymous said...

Poor Gibby..................bored while mom sews all day. don't you know life is all about playing!

Anonymous said...

HI Ladies, your Gibby has almost more than doubled in size hasn't he ? wow ! He is cute and still a little pup or big pup LOL !!!

Kathy said...

Our Sparkie spent HOURS laying on the back of the sofa, looking out the window. She especially liked spring time and you could see her 'schnoof' the breezes coming through the newly opened windows. I miss those little nose prints!

I am looking forward to my new issue of APQ. I run into the house, get supper ready and then study that magazine for the next few hours until DH comes home. It's a great way to spend time after a workday!

barbara r-g said...

Gibby makes me miss my sweet dog Poppy who died in Dec.2009. i remember her sitting by me in my craft/sewing room. she woud always have threads on her back and of course would be in the way if i needed to pull out my chair. what i would do to have her in my way now. give Gibby a hug for me. i think we always forget when we are in the middle of life how important our animals are. they give us love, laughter and push to take a break.

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