Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pizza Rustica

Today I made a Pizza Rustica. I usually make it this time of year and usually only once a year. It is also called Italian Easter Pie. More closer to a quiche than a pizza, it is a very rich, tasty treat. We had a small wedge and a large green salad for dinner. A perfect spring meal. The recipe is from "How To Bake" by Nick Malgieri. This recipe can be found here. This is a favorite cookbook of mine. The only change I made was to lessen the amount of sugar in the pastry crust. While odd sounding, a sweet crust is terrific with the savory filling. I thought the original was too sweet, though. I changed the amount from 1/2 cup to 1/4 cup.

Oh, it's rich. A thin wedge with a salad will satisfy completely. Another reason it is a favorite is that it keeps pretty well. Bill and I will eat on this for several days. The leftovers wedges don't lose flavor or texture after it is microwaved.

I don't bake as much as I used to. I just don't have the time for it. So, it is nice, that when I do, it is a real treat. Gibby has been fascinated with all the goings-on in the kitchen. He makes a bee-line for it once he hears any activity. He loves all the noise, aroma, and drama. I know he is also waiting/praying for something to fall on the floor, but he is good company. Can't you tell?I am very busy with a new project. I'll be posting pictures soon.



Anonymous said...

Poor Gibby's eyes sadness say , OH POO Im not gonna get any of that wonderful smell !! LOL I hope he is getting gravy train or something like it mom ! He is too cute..Izzy
Pizza looks great and if the internet had smelavision I can smell how good it looks.

Janet said...

Your pizza/quiche sounds delicious - I'm planning a homemade pizza for tonight's supper - so quick and easy and pizza delivery isn't an option in my neck of the woods! Gibby, as always, is just so sweet!

Vicky said...

I can't make pie crust to save my life! Seriously, it's either like rubber or it's hard as a rock. I inherited that gene from my dear mother! LOL. This looks so good, though, that I might actually waste some ingredients and try again!

Happy @/*-*\@ said...

hello Laurie..I have sent you your blog banner...about 10 days ago now...i hope it is ok for you - I sent it to your sisters email :)

That pie looks delish! I love those Calzones have you ever made one of favorite is roasted vegetables with goats cheese Yum Yum :) your dog is adorable :)

Love Happy xx

Jessica said...

Gibby is just adorable!!

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