Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Sunday

I tell ya, I feel just a bit cheated. No snow here. There is nothing like waking up and seeing a fresh snowfall (as long as you don't have to shovel it, walk in it, or drive in it). You are immediately 9 years old again and it's a SNOW DAY. Alas, I just have pictures of the Snowpocalypse. This is a picture of 2 of Polly's grandkids trying to free the family car in Baltimore. It actually looks like a lot of fun to me. All of Polly's kids and grandkids are football fans. Serious football fans. I am hoping a certain household gets power back in time for the big game.

In other news...... Me and My Sister (Barb and Mary as they are known to their friends) have a new blog. Make sure to put it on your read list. Mary is a sweetheart and Barb, well, she is always entertaining :)

Take a gander over on the left and you will see a new icon. The Fat Quarter Shop's new BOM - The 2010 Christmas Designer Mystery Block of the Month. We were honored to be one of the chosen designers. You won't want to miss this one. Another chosen designer (besides the before mentioned Me and My Sister) is Carrie from Miss Rosie's Quilt Company. Carrie is a pip. A great friend and more fun than should be allowed by law. She is going to be in Naples Florida next week and she and Polly will tear it up in South Florida. I wish I could be there, but alas, I cannot. Take lots of pictures Polly, and we'll put them up on this blog thingy.

Why won't I be in South Florida? Several reasons: 1 - I have work to do here. 2 - Have you seen the price of last minute airline tickets to South Florida during high season? 3 - Gibby is having surgery tomorrow. It is time for the "neutering". :(

Which brings me to this. Gibby get's fan mail. Fan mail and presents. (please, this is not a solicitation for doggy presents) Yesterday he got a lovely letter from Bella in Illinois. Bella lives with Pam of Heartspun Quilts. Bella thinks Gibby is cute and she sent him a "wubby". Bella - Gibby loves his wubby. Thanks so much!!Have a Super Sunday everyone.



Anonymous said...

OUCH!!!! Good Luck tomorrow Gibby!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lemme get this right...LOL!
Please save extra treats for Gibby. poor little guy will be singing soprano on Tuesday

I miss Naples. My late father used to live there in Windemere. Spent a lot of time there his last year. Tell your friend to give my regards to The Best of Everything and Randy's Fish Market.

Anonymous said...

Bill and I were in Oscoda last weekend and there was NO SNOW there. Somethings just not right when northern Michigan is devoid of snow!
~Joyce in MI

pdudgeon said...

don't feel too bad. we only got 2 inches of snow from this storm, but that brings us up to 10 inches of snow in January, which makes me super happy! Love the snow pics.

best wishes and an ice pack for Gibby.

WoolenSails said...

I think they should just leave the car and the snow there, won't be driving anywhere soon;) Gibby is such a sweet pup.


kelley said...

I'd gladly left you have all the snow you want...we got about 24" and it's heavy as can fine until you have to go outside...

Best Wishes for Gibby...that face is so dear...

Janet said...

Pictures of Gibby are becoming the new porn - lol! Thanks for sharing them - he is such a handsome boy. And butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, now would it?
Lots of snow here in Nova Scotia and lots more coming this week too - I'm reduced to baking bread!
Janet, digging out

Heartspun Quilts said...

Hi Laurie & Gibby!

I agree that snow days are very fun. Winter has its beauty and makes for many a wondrous sewing days, hunkered inside over your iron, gazing at the flakes. Much different from waiting for a bus on a corner!

Bella and I are so glad that you like your Wubba! Don't worry about your'll be playing fetch in no time. We'll be thinking of you! Good luck!

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