Saturday, February 20, 2010

Designer Love

Polly and I have been talking about designers lately. Designers we love. It's because of the Olympics. Polly and I kind of have a "thing" for Ralph Lauren. We have for a long time, and the latest designs for the Olympics team are making us swoon. We Love it All. We have heard others aren't so crazy about it. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I mean, how can you not love the snowboarding outfit that is high tech, wind proof, water proof, and looks like this?
Fabulous! And the Alpine sweaters, jackets and hats during the opening ceremonies - awesome.
We wish we could design Americana this well. We try, and we are pretty happy with what we do - but we do bow to the Master.

We also acknowledge other standouts in design. The Canadian team is pretty sharp too. It is helped by that great icon of the North - the maple leaf in the simple pairing of red and white. We are coveting these mittens.
We hear Happy Zombie is in Vancouver and these mittens are on her list too. While prized and scarce, I bet HZ scores some of these. I also love that big parka that the Australian ski team wears on the medal stand. You have to love yellow, but that is one sharp jacket. I couldn't find one online :( You'll have to take my word for it.

There is some other designer love I want to share. Project Runway. Oh, it is back in NYC this year and the aberration that was last year is almost forgotten. I am loving this year. Sassy Anthony from Atlanta; elder statesman Maya; hilarious Jonathon and funky Amy. Amy got kind of "patchworky" this week. It is getting a lot of buzz. I loved it. While the workmanship was iffy because of the time limit, the effect was wonderful. The COLORS! The little girl's outfit is adorable.

Oh, and to the judge who questions orange and blue as a valid color combination - well, there's this.
Also, this....
And let's not forget this.....
Yes, hate it because it was weird. Hate it because it was slapdash, but don't hate it because blue and orange don't work together. Geesh.



Jewel said...

Amen Sister!

little acorns said...

I agree with you . . . ! I disagree most of the time with the judges "comments". (Sometimes I think they just like hearing themselves talk. . .) You are reminding me though that I need to remember to watch it (I keep forgetting!)
. . . & about Ralph Lauren. Always have loved him. . . always will. I often laugh - when I look at something in a magazine & just love it. . . it usually ends up being something from Ralph. He's amazing.
xo, Bren

Libby said...

These are the BEST US Olympic uniforms - ever. Hubby and I were so relieved to see that the cowboy hat was not around this year. They always want to make they wear cowboy hats *ugh*
Being from soCal originally, it was fun to see PR in Los Angeles last season. Especially for us, since we just transplanted to MA and are more than homesick for anything with a familiar ring.

Kim said...

Oh yeah! I have been swooning over those snowboard outfits! Love those pants that look like worn jeans! And the plaid...well...'nuff said! Awesome! I did not know it was Ralph Lauren! Makes it even better.

Monica said...

I LOVE Project Runway. I actually really liked the color combination of the pants. It made me want to go through my stash that night and start a new quilt in those very colors.

The judges don't know everything...and sometimes I think they aren't as in touch as they think they are.

Kathy said...

DH works at a ski slope and those snowboarding outfits the US team has are AWESOME. Maybe now the regular kids will take a lesson in looking good and dressing for the cold. They see that they can look good and 'cool' at the same time. And the Alpine stuff. It's about time the US gets totally stylish and our winter teams look the part of being in WINTER Sports. Hi tech can work and look good, too.

Judges should judge the skill not the clothes. Have you seen the awful outfits on those ice skaters???? EWWW!

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

i know!!! i want one of those jackets... so bad!!!

Hotquilts said...

Wonder if Ralph Laren will mass produce some similiar plaid jackets & denium snowboarding pants soon? Anyone know? I'd buy some ASAP for my sons who are always looking just like that, but in black leather jackets. Think they'd switch if they knew how warm those jackets appear to be? You betcha! The colors on the runway were good, looked very stylish.

Unknown said...

Plus orange and blue are Denver Bronco colors.

Sharon said...

Have you seen the Russian Jackets!!! WOW is all I can say. I walked around Vancouver yesterday and every time I saw someone with them on I was awe struck! For me, the opening ceremonies is all about the outfits. Love RL!

Quilt Enthusiast said...

Check out Barbara Brackman's latest post. The quilt
colors favor the blue/orange palate. Love your
post. I was just talking to Sweetums my counter part
while watching the Olympics and I saw saying
"are those uniforms the snowboarder's are wearing?
But now that you mention it, it is really cool that
those clothes are high tech/weatherproof/waterproof.
Yes, I covet some of the designs I see on the Olympics
but mostly I covet the shape, endurance and guts
of the Olympians.
Love yah

dortha said...

I agree with you that the outfits are stylish. They look very smart performing.
A chocolate soldier is a drink kinda lika a Yahoo. This was a question from your other post.
And for the colors orange and blue, people who are Auburn football fans would disagree also about orange and blue not going together.

Craft-aholic said...

I, too love the designs of Ralph Lauren for the Olympics, and not just the winter garments he has done for this year's Olympics. I almost want to learn how to knit so I can make those cool hats and mittens myself. And Project Runway just rocks. That's all.

Sue-Anne said...

Glad you like our Aussie jackets. I adore your beanies that your team wore at the opening ceremony. They are the nicest I have ever seen! Love your snowboarding outfits too. At first glance I thought they were wearing jeans. I know with my kids, style is probably more important than practicality when they hit the slopes!!!

Pookie said...

Re: color wheel -- thank you! Geez Louise, judges!

happy zombie said...

I love the whole RL look, very vintage Americana. The athletes looked as though they should have been on teak pleasure boats on their way to a New England clam dig... or on their way to meet Laurie and Polly. I thought of you two when I saw the collection. You DO design Americana that well. If not as well... BETTER! Minick, Simpson & Lauren. Yup.

I went to The Bay (of Hudson's Bay) to their "Olympic shop". They're the official RL USA retailer. They were wiped out of RL stuff. I was able to find some other goodies. Not sayin' what though. ;-)

I can talk Project Runway all day (this is my fave season yet, sans the Jay McCarrol one), but I have to get going. Errands. Grocery. Gas. Post office.

PamKittyMorning said...

I love Ralph Lauren as well. Always have, always will. Except when he does plus size animal prints and then I think I'll break up with him.

suz said...

I thought maybe I was the only one that like those jackets and pants and I'm so excited to see I'm not alone. They were great!
Sometimes I wonder about the judging on Project Runway. When she ever said she didn't think the colors worked I scared the crap out of my cats by yelling "WHAT!!!!" I wouldn't use those colors, they aren't mine, but they were beautiful. With time to really finesse that design, Mom's dress would have been wonderful. My 9 year old niece liked the little girl's outfit.

Alison said...

I heart RL, too. As my red, white, and blue house spews...yea for Americana! And yes, there is a little Minick and Simpson in the mix there, too!

Kathi said...

I looked at the 'blue and orange' as more a terra cotta and turquoise. Don't tell them in the desert southwest that those colors don't go together.

Kathi D said...

I love the snowboarders' outfits too. And my favorite on Project Runway is Anthony, because he always has a smart-aleck remark handy.

As much as I might disagree with the judges, the main thing wrong with PR last year was the absence of Nina Garcia and Michael Kors. Without them, it would be like American Idol without Paula or Simon. Oops.

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