Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After

Did you have a great day? We hope you all did and that you didn't have to travel in all the icy-snowy mess that most of the country got. Both Polly and I were in our respective homes on Christmas Eve all tucked in and not in the weather. Polly called and said she was hooking a rug watching "White Christmas" on AMC's Christmas Marathon. SO WERE WE! Except I was hand quilting. Then we both popped in our favorite Christmas movie EVER - Love Actually.It has become a Christmas tradition here. Love it. There are some scenes not for the kiddies, though. This was a very low key holiday and once we made a few holiday visits, Bill and I spent the last 30 hours or so eating, quilting, puppy training, and watching dvd's that we got for Christmas. What fun! The first one was this.

What can I say? Meryl Streep, Julia Child, Nora Ephron...... Fantastic. The next one scheduled for this afternoon is this.
No, this isn't about a quilter and her golden retriever that live in Phoenix (although that would be a great movie too) - it's about the life of French singer Edith Piaf. Bill and I saw this in the theatre when it first came out - but a glitch in the projectionist booth messed up the last 15 minutes of it. We are looking forward to seeing it glitch-free today. Do you sense a theme to these movies? Isn't Bill a good sport about watching Chick Flicks with me? Well, not to be pigeon-holed into the chick flick stereotype - we watched this movie last night.Yes, we watched and we LOVED it. If you can handle the Tarantino gore and violence - this is one spectacular movie. Really, I can't warn you enough about the gore, but Brad Pitt speaking "Eye-talian" is hysterical. If you are a student of war movies - all the movie references are quite entertaining. Happy Hibernating, everyone.



Lois Grebowski said...

I've got to see Julie & Julia... Julia was my childhood idol.

Oooh, that movie about Edith Piaf would be interesting...

Carrie said...

Rosie's quilt person loves all the movies you've mentioned! Love Actually is one of my favorite movies ever ~ it never gets old, even though you've seen the movie a thousand times and know it by heart, the same parts are always funny/sad/sweet/heartbreaking.

Happy Happy! :)

Anonymous said...


Vicky said...

Thanks for the recommendation on the Brad Pitt movie. I was hesitant to get it but definitely will now. Your quiet time sounds perfect!

Stephanie Soebbing said...

"Love Actually" is my favorite Christmas movie too. I cry every time.

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