Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanks everyone for the great stories! We read them as we cooked our Thanksgiving meal and we laughed a lot. I think the overwhelming theme was cooked innards and de-constructed pies. Our meal this year was great and without trauma. That is always good. We hope yours was the same.

Here are a few more lone photos of the weekend in Dallas. It seems about 10% of my pictures are in focus and many great things just didn't get photographed, but here they are:

These are a couple more photos of Moda. You know, a little explanation may be needed. The Moda Warehouse is not open to the public. Heavy sigh : (
It is open to Quilt Shop owners and other retailers. Polly and I have an account to purchase materials for our workshops and to get supplies to make quilts for our published patterns. And yes, we pinch ourselves every day.This is the Notions area of the warehouse - acres of needles and thread and such. This next pic is a picture of the Lab Store that is upstairs. The Lab Store is where Moda U Retreats were held and where other Retailer workshops are held. In essence, a superbly merchandised area to demonstrate to Shop owners in how to display. We kind of like this Red, White, and Blue corner of the store.The next day we went to Grapevine Texas and went to the Gaylord Texan Resort. Wow. You know, everything in Texas is big. There was an ice show (no pictures), Santa and water skiing reindeer (no pictures), The Grinch (no pictures), and much, much, more. I did get a toy soldier - Texas sized.There was a hockey game later that evening, complete with Texas Hockey Cheerleaders and there is no photographic evidence anywhere.

Refreshed, we ventured out on Friday to McKinney Texas where there was a "Dickens Of A Christmas" going on. Fun. Music, caroling, lots of Arts and Crafts and good food. All of the antique shops kept us very busy. I saw this old, fabulous quilt in one. This old applique design might be a good starting point some day for a large 4 block applique quilt. I have made several 4-block applique quilts, but never tire of the style.Another great shop in McKinney was "Happiness Is Quilting". The shop is adorable and will be expanding soon. Make sure to stop by when you are in the area. I picked up a few fat quarters myself. I have a large applique quilt on my schedule in the next couple of months and I am sorely in need of greens and golds. And now on to the important stuff - the winner of the Thanksgiving Story. The random generator picked: Junglewife (Yes, the random generator picked entry #1!)

Congratulations! Oh, and I posted the wrong Christmas Past fabric picture in the previous post. Here is what the winner gets - (it's a lot more fabric!). Email me here, Junglewife and I will get this out to you shortly.



junglewife said...

Thank you so much! I've e-mailed you my address... As I was posting my comment and realized it was #1, I thought "there's no way I'll be picked. #1 never gets picked." Well, that'll teach me, right?! I'm so excited to get some new Christmas fabric for my stash!

The pictures of Gaylord Texan look great. I've only ever been to Gaylord Opryland, and man, that place can sure take your breath away! Although I've never been there at Christmastime, either, and I'm sure it's even more spectacular then!

Thanks as always for the great inspiration on your blog. Keep up the great quilting!

pdudgeon said...

if you could, would you please put in a reader request to the "Happiness Is Quilting" Shop to consider putting in a web page for online orders? I love those green and gold fabrics, and i'm always looking for great shops online.
thanks so much for more Moda warehouse photos. DROOL!
that must be an amazing place.

Janet said...

junglewife must be a very happy bunny this morning - lovely fabric. Thanks for some peeps into what must have been a very wonderful weekend - it's so nice to get away.
Keep posting yummy shots of Moda's warehouse and your new fabric lines with them - thanks for the inspiration.
Janet in very cool and windy Hall's Harbour, Nova Scotia

L. Gray said...

Lovely golds! Congratulations Junglewife!!

jaybird said...

congrats to the winner!! and thanks for showing us more photos!

WoolenSails said...

I think I would be in heaven at the moda shop, love their fabrics. Congrats to Junglewife.


Janet said...

It looks like you had a marvelous time. I just adore the antique quilt in your post. I like that it looks well used/loved too

Vicky said...

Gosh, I can't even imagine having access to the Moda warehouse! That would be reason enough to give thanks!! :)

Cloth Diapers said...

I am so jealous! I want to go to Moda too!

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