Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Cleaning

Polly, Leigh Ann, and I made it safely home from Houston. Polly took a bad cold home with her and Leigh Ann and I just took lots of stuff. A van full. FYI.... Did you know that almost all of Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan are under road construction?? Leigh Ann and I think investing in orange barrels is definitely the way to get rich.

I am unpacked; 4 loads of laundry are done; the patterns are getting printed; and I am getting back into the work groove. Unpacking the booth props emphasized a sad fact of life: we are running out of storage room. So this year I am indulging in a bit of "Fall Cleaning". We have put up some of our extra props and samples up for auction on Ebay.
This is the first auction item. It is the half-square triangle quilt I made for the Moda Designer half-square triangle swap and challenge. (We really need a better title for that.) I used all of the designer triangles and added some more. This was a School House lecture for shop owners on half-square triangle swaps. It was Edyta's idea and everyone thinks it is grand. So do I.
Who won the challenge you ask?? There were no winners, and of course no losers, but if you ask the designers - Sandy Klop of American Jane kicked our behinds. Sandy is coming out with a pattern for her masterpiece - it will be called "Aunt Ella's Quilt". Look for it in your local quilt shops soon.

So, anyways..... take some stuff off of our hands. Click on the link above to this auction and then click on "see other auctions" to look at all the other treasures. Thanks.



KeyQuilter said...

Where can we see pictures of all the HST quilts? I must have missed that particular class at the School House Series!

Minick and Simpson said...


Hmmmm, that's a good question. Lots of people were taking pictures at the School House. Does anyone know of a blog that posted them???


Vicky said...

I ran across this blog showing a bunch of them.

I hope that works!

Kim said...

OMGosh I saw Sandy Klop's quilt pattern....and I thought O*M*G that's a TON of HSTs! LOL Like..seriously...a LOT of them! It's gorgeous though!

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