Wednesday, November 5, 2008


You people inspire us! Everyone wrote such positive sentiments and demonstrated civility - Well, we decided there needed to be 3 winners. (Drumroll........) They are: Kathy (with a "y" and not an "ie"), Sinta, and Auntie Pam. Please email me here with your addresses and you will be mailed your prize. 2nd place winner gets an "American Primer" jelly roll and 3rd prize is an "American Primer" fat quarter woven bundle. And everyone else - you get an "A" in citizenship. Our warmest regards, Laurie & Polly


Robin C said...

I love the wall quilts. Are they in a book of your's? What a cute what to decorate with the red-white-blue.

lovetostitch said...

Yipppeeee!! I always loved getting A s!! I was always a B girl - LOL!! Those little wall hangings are adorable, are they done in wool?

Minick and Simpson said...

Robin C & lovetostitch

The Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty are Polly's rugs. She can kit these for you and will contact you when her computer comes back from the computer hospital - maybe tomorrow. Thanks for asking.


lovetostitch said...

About what size are they, Laurie? While I'm not great at hooking these are adorable and perfect as a pair!!

Minick and Simpson said...

They are pretty big. Approximately 24" x 48". If anyone is interested, go to and click on "contact us" and Polly can email you personally. Thanks.

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