Sunday, February 26, 2017

While still pretty excited about Blue and White, which will be shipping in 1 month, I have been busy with secret sewing.
I will be able to show you our new collection very soon.  It's happy and cheerful and just what everyone needs right now.

Since most of my secret sewing is finished, we now are getting everything ready for this adventure.  If you plan to be in Nantes and want to take some classes with Polly or I you can sign up here

I received a nice note recently that the Olde Kent Quilters Guild from Chestertown Maryland has a raffle quilt made using our Coastal Lily pattern.  
The raffle supports  Deborah's Angels charity quilting program, which has donated more than 2400 quilts to sick and in-crisis children since 2004.  Brava Ole Kent, well done!



Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blue and White Book - Pre-sale - With SUPRISE!!!

The time is getting closer! Just a few short weeks away from this book coming out.  We are pretty excited here and we hope to get you a bit excited too.

I have posted the book in our Etsy store for Pre-sale.  Why do you ask would you want to buy it a few weeks before it's published?? Here's why..... every pre-sale order of this book will be entered into a raffle to win a blue and white quilt made by me or a blue and white rug made by Polly.  That's why.... Here is the link to the pre-sale.  This book will also be autographed.

Polly is at the Miromar Design Center today at the Ralph Lauren Home Center with some of her rugs.

This is the quilt you could win - the Antique Duvet quilt...

And this is the rug...



Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Oregon, Airports, and Quilt Planning


Polly and I were on the Oregon coast last week for a little relaxation and some intensive sewing.
A great time was had by all (we stitched with some Moda colleagues) and we lucked out on the January weather.  We actually had a few clear days of watching the surf.  Just don't ask about the flights home.  Can you say "Delta Computer Outage"?
I worked on a couple of projects. I am sliding into home on the Star A Day quilt.  I am on my last block and I need to only make about 20 more stars.  

This wasn't my project - it was Jennifer's.  We applaud her choice of fabric!

These blocks were on my design wall for a few days and I quickly stitched them into a top.  This is a homage (brazen copy) of an antique Amish quilt from 140 years ago.  I used Bella solids, 2 Grunges, and 1 cross weave to "texture up" the traditional Amish look.  Why did I make it? Just because.  I had a picture of the original on my bulletin board for years.  It was time to seal the deal.  I sent it off yesterday to Kari to baste.  I will hand quilt this one - at my leisure.  

I've had a few good productive days getting ready for new fabric to land on my doorstop (new quilts to make!!) and planning for our trip to France in April.

We're wishing you some happy, productive days in this short, yet sun challenged month.  To help you achieve that - we have a sale in our Etsy shop until this weekend (February 6th) for 30% off.  Just use the coupon code WINTER to get your discount.



Saturday, January 14, 2017

Upcoming Adventures

While we hope you are cozied up stitching on something - maybe you want to plan a trip when the weather turns to spring (at least in our hemisphere).

Polly and I are thrilled to be going back to Nantes France for the Pour l'Amour du Fil Show put on by Quiltmania Magazine.  We will teach a couple of classes, sign books (yeah!) and meet and talk with all who attend.  We LOVE this show and you will too.  The ink will barely be dry on these books when we are in Nantes.  If you can't make it to the show - know we will be putting up pre-sales of the book in late February or early March in our Etsy shop.

What else has been going on?....... I have had my nose to the grindstone getting my "chores" done.  Tax papers are in order, Inventory has been taken, quilts have been sketched, and the quilting on the red and green Irish Chain is almost done.  I'll show the finished, bound, and washed quilt to you next week.

There is something pretty exciting about having all your chores done and being able to make something new.



Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Irish Chain Variation

The Irish Chain Variation is basted and in my hoop.  The pattern is also finished and in our Etsy Shop

The directions let you make a 2 color version (blue and white) or a 3 color version (red, green, and white).  If you like strip piecing....... this is for you!

Now that I have this pattern finished and offering it to you, that means I get to tackle the next thing on my list.  That would be designing another quilt - and taxes.  Wish me luck.  See you in a week or two.



Friday, December 30, 2016

Adios 2016

You may or may not remember this quilt.  It was an Irish Chain variation that I made awhile ago.  It will be one of the featured quilts in our upcoming Blue and White Book with Martingale.

To make a long story short...... when I first made this there wasn't a pattern for strip piecing it.  And believe me - if you want to make it - you want to strip piece it.  A plan was hatched to re-do the quilt - take lots of notes - and come up with a strip piecing pattern for it.  That was my plan for the week between Christmas and New Year's and I made it!

Instead of the 2 color version you see above - I wanted to test the pattern in a 3 color version using the Snowfall fabric collection and some extra red fabrics.

Strips were cut, an audio book (or 2) was put on, and I strip pieced......
I pressed all my seams open because I plan on hand quilting this quilt - just like the blue and white one - and pressing the seams open really helps with that.  That said - pressing all the millions of seams open on this was time consuming.  
The blocks started to pile up.

Soon I had the 99 blocks made.

As I said earlier today on IG when I posted this picture of the "sewing of the last seam", the last seam is like wrestling a goat.  

Here is the 3 color version. Unlike the traditional Irish Chain quilts that have sharp lines, I wanted this variation to look washed out and blurry.  It seems to work.  Note that lots and lots of mis-matching seams also tend to make it look blurry :)  That was my plan all along. Heh.  It will take a few weeks to get the pattern up and running.  I'll post here and on IG when it is ready and in our Etsy shop.  

I call this a wrap for 2016.  See you on the other side.



Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day

We hope you all are having a peaceful day, surrounded by friends and family.   I'm still a little under the weather, but feeling well enough to work on a quilt.  Sadly, I think I'm still contagious so a little confinement is in order.  All is good, though and a holiday spirit is even more contagious.

I have lots of strips sets to keep me company.
This project will progress this week and I hope to have a top early in 2017.

This project also helped my convalesce.  I purchased a Needle Plus pattern to make the Granddaughter's Needle Box.  This was fun to make and I'm delighted with the end product. 


Have the Merriest of Christmas and take time to relax and take a few stitches.  It is very easy to over-do this time of year.

This is a reminder that we still have a little sale going on.  Use the coupon code THANKYOU in our Etsy store before 2017 and you will get 20% off any order over $75.00.  

Merry Christmas


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